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NEWS FLASH: You will fail

Dear Warrior Soul,

NEWS FLASH: You will fail.

You will sacrifice blood, sweat and tears and still miss the mark.

You will follow a clear vision and still not do everything you could have done.

You will deeply hurt people (yourself included) – sometimes without even trying.

You will teach and cajole and convince, without ever making a dent.

You will do your best and it will still not be enough.

Stop being so damn hard on yourself and do it anyway.
These are the risks of being human.

NEWS FLASH: Your perfection requires no labor.

Your sacredness cannot be purchased.

Your light is irreplaceable and unyielding and effervescent.

You are under a canopy of grace that cannot be broken.

Even when you fail and miss the mark and effortlessly hurt people, you are still immeasurably loved and loving and lovable.

Stop denying the truth of your magnificence.
These are the gifts of being divine.

You were born holy and human and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Both broken and whole; secular and sacred; novice and sage.

Just for today, lovingly enjoy the magnificent human paradox that is you.


All my love,

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