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You’re a born rebel. A wild soul. A mold breaker.

Fun headshotYou’re curious, adventurous and open-minded—no apologizing for who you are or what you want.You crave an extraordinary life. One created by your own rules—because conformity has no place with you.

More Lady Gaga than Katy Perry. More Alexander McQueen than Ralph Lauren.

You’re inspired by transformation and fueled by yoga, meditation and the local farmer’s market. Using your life to make a soulful difference on the planet is your highest priority.

From pole dancing to global travel to relationships, you seek the divine everywhere and in everything.

To the world, you’re a fearless trendsetter always torching an inspiring trail.

And that’s all good…

…but there’s a teeny tiny pretty big problem:


Sometimes you feel like your real life is passing you by.

Sometimes you hide under the covers when it’s time to go to work because you know it’s a waste of your precious time, energy and gifts. And—full disclosure—you feel like an imposter whenever someone celebrates your “fearlessness” because you have very real fears, just like everyone else.

You want to feel purposeful, powerful and free. You want to do work you love AND make enough money to pay the bills, buy plane tickets, live in your dream loft and get those new Jeffery Campbell shoes that make you just. stop. breathing.but you have no idea how to do it all.

I’m L’Erin.

I’m here to help you find balance between ambition & ease and make your life paradise.

If I do my job right, you’ll wake up every day more clear and confident – in greater alignment with your soul’s calling and making money in the flow of your purpose.

  • Maybe you stumbled upon SisterFire because you’re a wild soul seeking a community of sisters who see, know and celebrate you.
  • Maybe you’re ready to revolutionize your approach to money, love and success.
  • Maybe you have a passion for adventure, style and spirituality.
  • Maybe you want just want to experience more clarity, connection and power in your daily life.

Whatever your reasons for being here, welcome.

I want you to know you’re not alone. We’re a band of unconventional wild women determined to create life and success on our own terms. We’re fashionistas and healers, queer and straight, entrepreneurs and employees. We practice yoga and radical honesty, drink green juice and honey whiskey. We are driven by one collective mission: a life of meaning, freedom and fulfillment.

You landed here for a reason. If you’re ready to align your soul with your actions and finally live life to the fullest, drop your name and email in the box below.

Ready for true freedom?
Join the SisterFire community and get drunkenly happy, outrageously abundant and deliriously-proud-of-the-life-that-you’re-building.
Because we love you so good.

So, why SisterFire?


Because years ago, I was you.

I’ve always been an unconventional, untameable soul. I wrote and published my first book at 18, dropped out of college (twice) to traverse India and graduated eight years after my incoming class.

I worked unfulfilling jobs everywhere from Microsoft to MAC, handcuffed to the idea of finding “security” in a paycheck.

Then one day, I realized two things:

  1. Security is an illusion
  2. Creating my life, my way is the only way to be truly free

I also learned that freedom is about the choices you make on a daily basis.

Being in charge of your choices changes everything.

And so I stopped chasing my tail. I traded in my hollow grad school aspirations for a yoga teacher certification, a brand new passport and a bevy of mind-body-spirit disciplines.

I stopped trying to fulfill other people’s expectations for my life.

Instead, I devoted myself to a deepened knowledge of healing principles, energy medicine, intuitive knowing, open-hearted listening and the facilitation of transformation. I moved to Paris, had a private audience with the Dalai Lama. I traveled to 22 countries and studied traditional healing with global medicine women, visionaries and shamans. I found mentors and honed in on my best practices.

I’ve been on the journey of self-actualization and personal freedom for over 15 years.

I learned that freedom isn’t just about doing whatever you want, whenever you want; it’s also about fueling yourself through connection, intuition, adventure and truth. It’s about getting the hell out of your comfort zone, over and over again.

Freedom is living in alignment with your deepest values, sharing your greatest gifts and generating enough money to fund the lifestyle you love.

And now I teach other women how to do their own version of what I’ve done (No, you won’t have to quit a job you love or move to the Himalayas, I promise.)

I guide women like you to the sweet life you’ve been dreaming about.

I help you create true freedom…and true fearlessness.

You are already fierce, bold, beautiful…

It’s time to add “drunkenly happy, outrageously abundant and deliriously-proud-of-the-life-you’re-building-for-yourself” to the list.

Join the SisterFire community and make life a sacred masterpiece.

Ready for true freedom?
Join the SisterFire community and get drunkenly happy, outrageously abundant and deliriously-proud-of-the-life-that-you’re-building.
Because we love you so good.