I have a secret...

You are here by divine appointment. (I'm okay letting that little squirrel out of the suitcase since you already know that there are no "coincidences" -- or mistakes.)

You are a fiercely creative, curious, and adventurous entrepreneurial woman, passionate about leading from your soul* and using your business to make a powerful impact on the world.

I am a teacher, facilitator and transformation catalyst. I create healing circles, workshops, retreats, courses and private sessions that help soulful women entrepreneurs connect with the Divine and transform the world. (You're beginning to see why we're a match made in heaven, right?)


I am peering into my crystal ball (aka - computer screen)
and this is what I see...

You're bored brainless in business groups so focused on strategy, they completely ignore the Sacred.

You're sick of woo-woo entrepreneurs who pooh-pooh profit, making you wonder what "manifestation" magic trick miraculously pays their bills...or doesn't.

You feel isolated, disconnected and misunderstood, sitting endless hours in front your computer, sometimes going days (weeks?) without a rich, nourishing, sacred connection that feeds your soul.


You ache for soulful, rich, supportive community with other spiritual, ambitious women who passionately understand and support you. No judgement or alienation or unhealthy competition allowed.

You crave depth, communion, revelation. Small talk bores you to tears. You'd rather watch a documentary about Bhutanese spiritual practices than keep up the with Kardashians (or any other celebrity for that matter).

You yearn to feel close to God..or the Divine...or whatever you call IT...defining spirituality & success on your own terms -- making money while making an impact.

Welcome home.

I've been creating transformational, sacred, life-changing experiences for ambitious women entrepreneurs for over 15 years. (I told you it was a divine appointment...)

My superpower is integrating intuitive guidance with energy medicine and ancient & traditional spiritual practices to help you connect with your soul, harness your ambition and use your deepest gifts to create a powerful, purposeful, profitable business -- and an unshakable sisterhood with other world-changing women.

L’Erin is a beautiful vessel of our creator. Working with her you will be safe, you will cry, you will be transformed.

- Raena Sunset Brown :: Singer. Performer. Adventurer.

I'm L'Erin.

(Pronounced lair-in)

I've been called a spiritual midwife...an urban priestess...a modern day medicine woman.

After dropping out of college (twice), I spent 15 years studying the Divine with traditional and indigenous spiritual teachers in 23 countries -- from Nepal to Cuba to Australia to South Africa -- developing my spiritual gifts and helping you live yours.

The essence of my work is distilled to freedom -- supporting you in finding it, cultivating it, living it.

Because your power is in this moment. In this breath. In this one courageous, against-all-odds, painfully true...Yes.

You are worthy of your deepest desires and I'm in full devotion to help you live them.

L’Erin is an artist and her medium is transformation. I trust her implicitly.

I would recommend L'Erin to any woman looking to feel better about her life, her work, herself.

- Dr. Tracy Greene

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I love...

  • Ritual. Prayer. Surrender. Sovereignty. God...You.
  • The Golden Girls. All day. Everyday.
  • When people -- especially children, elders, (and of course, you) -- feel seen and celebrated and supported.
  • Nutella + toasted baguette + opulent hot chocolate. (Dare I say more?)

I believe...

  • You can get useful insight from crystals, tarot cards, oracle decks, tea leaves and the like, but your deepest healing + transformation will come from aligning your self with your Soul. No fancy tools required.
  • You already have all of the answers. My job is to help you live them.
  • In the power of laughter, love and afternoon naps.
  • You have vital, unparalleled gifts for the world...and the time to give them is now.

I'm not much for labels (too limiting) but here are a few I don't mind...

  • Seattlelite (Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, I adore the taste of Coho salmon, the sound of rain on windshields and have had a love affair with Nirvana for longer than I'd like to admit.)
  • Taurus sun :: Libra moon :: Leo rising (True to form - I'm fiercely loving, direct, solution-oriented and loyal.)
  • Social introvert + HSP (I will LOVE your company in planned, intentional outings, then I will go home to recharge...solo.)
  • Clairsentient (I feel your energy, body and emotions, without using any of my other senses. It's part of how I do the voodoo that I do.)
  • Psychic-intuitive (I see who you are beneath the surface. Rest assured...it makes me love you even more and your secrets are safe with me.)

My most influential teachers...

  • My mama, my grandma & the ancestors, for paving the way and blazing the bright fire
  • Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés, for keeping women's wisdom holy and fierce and true
  • Audre Lorde, for illuminating that silence does not protect us
  • Sobonfu Somé, for teaching me the transformational gift of grief
  • The International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, for holding me in ritual, reverence and sacred sisterhood

L’Erin is a light and gave everyone space to be who they are. She is like the Mama, nudging and supporting, asking you to go deeper, helping to peel back the layers.

- Twyla Dill :: Jeweler. Artist. Entrepreneur.

:: Credentials + street cred ::

(if you're into that sort of thing)

  • Bachelors in Comparative Women's Studies
  • Certified Reiki Level 1 + 2 Practitioner
  • Certified HeART of Facilitation Facilitator
  • Certified Forrest Yoga Teacher
  • Certified DONA Birth Doula
  • Certified Empowerment Workshop Facilitator
  • Licensed Desire Map Workshop Facilitator
  • Certified Teen Talking Circles Facilitator

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:: Want To Go Deeper? Join the Inner Circle ::

Get soulful masterclasses + prayers, blessings and other Inner Circle exclusives delivered to your inbox on the wings of alacorns.

Your hopes, dreams and email address are safe with me

* By 'soul' I do not mean 'religious'. I mean, you have a deep desire to connect with the Sacred (whatever you choose to call it) in your life, your business, your relationships, your world. I honor and celebrate all paths, whatever yours might be. All (or no) religious/spiritual affiliations are welcome here.