Alexandra Franzen discusses letting go, doing the work and making your life beautiful

Over the last couple of months I’ve been interviewing trailblazing women artists, activists and entrepreneurs SisterFireTV.

I’ve had fireside conversations with New York Times bestseller Pearl Cleage, business and money phenom Tara Gentile, filmmaker and legacy architect Tiona McClodden, social justice activist Mia Mingus and Grammy award winner India.Arie just to name a few.

And today, I’m launching Trailblazer Thursdays-my weekly interview series featuring snippets of those delightfully insightful chats.

I’m thrilled that Alexandra Franzen, creative entrepreneur, promotional wordsmith and soul stenographer extraordinaire is starting us off!

I love everything this woman writes.

Not only is she an insightful change agent and amazing writer, she’s a generous, successful, dynamic business owner intent to help entrepreneurs be more radiantly self-expressed.

Working with her a few weeks ago literally brought tears to my eyes she’s so damn good.

In our chat we talk about the beauty of honoring and trusting your journey, no matter the pace at which it is unfolding.


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Make Your Life Beautiful. An interview with Alexandra Franzen on SisterFireTV!

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Connect with Alex:

Twitter – @Alex_Franzen
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