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Are you listening?


Dear Warrior Soul,

Something has been niggling at you for far too long.

A voice, a story, an unheeded message.

Ignoring it has left you disturbed and disrupted, feeling like something is missing.

Maybe you’ve tried to fill its hole with gossip, booze or unyielding accomplishments.

Maybe you’ve tried to dress it up with accolades and income and social media holograms.

Maybe you’ve tried distracting it with neediness, busyness, an unending To Do list, but the hole for the missing piece is still empty.

It’s not that the answer isn’t coming, it’s that you’re too preoccupied to listen.

What’s it going to take for you to slow down?

To unplug and pause long enough to hear your marching orders?

You already have all the wisdom you’ve ever sought.

You just have to slow down enough to receive it.


All my love,

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