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Audacity Begets Enchantment. (Why you should always ask for what you want.)

Boldness has a genius and power and magic in it.
– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Dear Warrior Soul,

Not so long ago, I was living in a gorgeous townhouse on 20 acres in the heart of Atlanta, fully furnished with a 3-acre organic farm, orchard and pond. It was amazing. Without warning, the owner of the house decided to give it back to the bank. I had twelve days to find somewhere new to live.

Less than three hours later, I got a call from the mom I’d been nannying for full-time (let’s call her “Rachel”). Basically, while her husband had been visting from Afghanistan that week, they’d decided to send the baby to school and no longer needed my services–effective immediately.

In a matter of three hours, I’d lost my home and my income.

Rachel said she knew I was financially depending on my work and was sorry for the sudden notice. She asked if there anything she could do to help.

Enter Audacious Asking.

Audacious Asking is courageous, clear and completely detached from the answer. Because ‘no’ is as holy as ‘yes,’ big requests and little favors all weigh equally. It is not about gimme-gimme-gimme. It’s about taking a leap, making yourself vulnerable and trusting the gift in whatever comes. Audacious Asking opens the door to unforeseen serendipities and wild enchantments, no matter what the response.

I asked if I could move in with her AND use her husband’s car for the next three months.

Was it a lot to ask for? Yes, indeed.
Did she owe me anything? Not one single drop of nothing.
What did she say? Yes—and no charge.

Audacity Begets Enchantment.

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Living with them, I got my own suite (jacuzzi tub and all), car and the company of truly beautiful, abundantly wonderful people. I was blessed and grateful.

One morning, less than a month after moving in with the mama and babe (the father was still living in Afghanistan), Rachel had immobilizing stomach cramps and decided to keep the baby out of school and stay home from the office. She was a big time Director at a big time non-profit and had rarely missed work in all the years I’d known her. This was serious. By 11 am, her cramps had increased; and, she was ghostly pale, cold to the touch and had just fainted. It was time to go to the hospital.

She drifted in and out of consciousness as we raced to the emergency room. Upon arrival, her blood pressure was so low they could not detect her pulse. After a few rapid-fire tests, she was rushed into emergency surgery. Turns out, she was pregnant but the fetus was growing in her fallopian tube, not her uterus. The tube had ruptured and all of her blood was pooling in her abdomen.

If I had not been there, Rachel and the baby would have been home alone. I don’t know what would have happened but ectopic pregnancies (as any pregnancy outside of the uterus is called) are the leading cause of pregnancy-related deaths during the first trimester in the United States.

I’m just glad I WAS there. 

Giving gets you in the flow of reciprocity and abundance–instantly.

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Audacious Asking and Rachel’s affirmative response enabled me to be of even greater service than I could have been otherwise.

Audacious Asking requires playing full out and giving people the opportunity to say ‘yes’.

Audacity only lends to the splendor of enchantment if you are giving the best of what you can RIGHT NOW. No holding on to your passion for a better day, saving your love for a more ideal situation, or repressing your gifts until that special someone notices how amazing you are. Audacity means doing the best you can with what you have–right here, right now and trusting that there’s more to come. If you don’t give from the bounty you’ve already received, you are actually blocking the flow. This is the foundation upon which Audacious Asking is built.

Want more magic, serendipity, beauty and enchantment in your life?
Ask boldly.
Be comfortable with however the answer shows up.

All my love,

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