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How to be the light in dark times


Dear Warrior Soul,

Do not numb out and bury your head under the blankets just because this is hard.

We cannot afford to have you half here and half there.

There is power in the collective.
Do not try to navigate these times alone.

If you do not know how to stay present, to stay here, to stay woke and do your work without…woe is me and finger pointing and frantically searching for an escape route…find someone who does.

Tell them your truths, your fears, your hopes.
Do not hold back. Do not filter.
Do not minimize or exaggerate just to make yourself feel better.

Tell it all. Offer the same in return.

It’s time to shore up, double-down, concentrate.

This is what you’ve been preparing for.
Healing and reading and worshiping and readying for.

This. Is. It.

You must learn how to trust your medicine (even if you don’t know what it is yet).

Because it is yours and you have it and we need it to survive.

Do. Not. Tune. Out.
Or dismiss.
Or wash away.
Or downplay.

We need you here and engaged and willing.

No perfection or fearlessness required.

Now is your time.

Show up.

Come forward and give what you were born to give.

We need you.

All my love,

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