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Be the Offering



Dear Warrior Soul,


Miss the mark + overcompensate. Give what you can anyway.

Overpromise + underdeliver. Commit to serving anyway.

Be uncertain and unsure. Show up anyway.

Watch registrations, hawk-eyed. And be disappointed by the slow trickle or overwhelmed by the flood. Open your doors anyway.

Wake up, mind racing with a seemingly endless To Do list. Meditate anyway.

Wait until the last minute to do what should have been done weeks ago. Schedule anyway.

Spread yourself too thin + delegate to the wrong person. Ask for help anyway.

Obsess about all of the details for weeks + still leave something out. Create what you want to experience anyway.

Get itchy with jealousy about someone else shining brighter, speaking clearer, connecting bigger. Keep doing YOU anyway.

Beat yourself up for not knowing enough, not being ready yet, not launching when you said you would. Trust your process and your path anyway.

BECAUSE, the moment you open your doors (in your living room, online or in a swanky hotel suite), the right people will show up (be they 2 or 20). They will be ready for whatever soul-anchored guidance and love-spurned generosity you have.

They will you meet you where you are — as you will them.

And your service, your humanity, your love will light the way and create the space for transcendence.

No perfection required.

This is about the willingness to show up. To serve. To supply what’s needed to those who are ready to receive.

All that’s required is YOU.
Human & devoted.
Open & willing.
Curious & true.

SO, surrender to your path and the process. Listen — to your self and your soul. Apply each lesson learned to the next step in front of you. Nap. Eat. Hydrate. Have amazing sex. Do your best. Breathe.


All my love,

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