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Blessing for the Wayward Soul

Wayward :: [wey-werd]

1. Turned or turning away from what is right or proper; willful; disobedient:
2. Difficult to control or predict because of unusual behavior:
3. Swayed or prompted by caprice; capricious:
4. Turning or changing irregularly; irregular:

I see you, Lady of the Stars.

Hiding in the shadows of someone else’s air-tight expectations…carefully making sure you’re not too big or audacious or valiant as you slink silently towards freedom.

Remember this, my love. You were born wayward and curious and dauntless.

Your ambitions, your drive, your merciless compulsion to give never-seen-before, impossible-to-duplicate, courageous beauty to the world is vital for our survival.

Because your medicine? Your precious gifts?

Are irregular. Inexplicable. Irreplaceable and irrationally enigmatic.

And, just like you, they are necessary for our liberation.
You cannot afford to fall into syncopated step with what is right and proper and normal, letting your brave gifts slip swiftly through the cracks.

And quite frankly—neither can we.

We need you to show up. In your imperfect, unapologetic, cobbled together glory. We need you to illuminate what isn’t working simply by living your truth.

There is nothing wrong with you. Nothing to fix. Nothing to get “right”.

You are not a problem to be solved.

So stop wasting your time on struggle and fear.

You were born to shake shit up. To romance your Spirit and spin the stale into the sacred.

Put down the achy expectations, the nagging needs, the sour, tight stories, scratching roughly against your skin.

You have outgrown them.

They are no longer yours.

Let them go and step into the light.

May your medicine be potent—first and most essentially for yourself.
May you know the beauty and strength of your own survival.
May you trust your truth beyond anyone else’s expectations.

And when the world has had its way with you, when you’re haggard and tired from life on the frontlines, when you’ve forgotten who you are and what really matters, may you rest sweetly, deeply and tenderly, knowing you still have everything you need to do what you were born to do.

One precious breath, one wayward step at a time.

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