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    This is it. (How to create a new world.)


    Dear Warrior Soul,

    If you ever felt called to be a healer, a teacher, a salve for the people, now is your time to come forward.

    If you are a word weaver or a light worker or a lender of ears, now is your time to come forward.

    If you have been hiding medicine in your pockets, behind your eyes, beneath your tongue, waiting for the “right” time to share it, now is your time to come forward.

    If you have been waiting for approval, for validation, for vindication before sharing your most precious gifts, now is your time to come forward. Continue reading…


    NEWS FLASH: You will fail

    Dear Warrior Soul,

    NEWS FLASH: You will fail.

    You will sacrifice blood, sweat and tears and still miss the mark.

    You will follow a clear vision and still not do everything you could have done.

    You will deeply hurt people (yourself included) – sometimes without even trying.

    You will teach and cajole and convince, without ever making a dent.

    You will do your best and it will still not be enough.

    Stop being so damn hard on yourself and do it anyway.
    These are the risks of being human.

    Continue reading…


    Are you listening?


    Dear Warrior Soul,

    Something has been niggling at you for far too long.

    A voice, a story, an unheeded message.

    Ignoring it has left you disturbed and disrupted, feeling like something is missing. Continue reading…


    You must choose

    Dear Warrior Soul,

    You are braver than you know. Bolder than you can see.

    More beautiful than is conceivable.

    This body. This breath. This moment is yours.

    Choose what you’re going to do with it.

    You don’t have to choose wisely or fearlessly or significantly.

    Continue reading…


    Burn it Down, Baby. (Your liberation marching orders.)


    Dear Warrior Soul,

    You will break hearts, burn bridges, disappoint people on your path of liberation.

    You will disrupt perfection performances to save your sanity.

    You will pulverize the coziness of comfort, sometimes without knowing when you’ll find it again.

    You will become a stranger to once beloved people & institutions in order to become home to yourself. Continue reading…


    How to be the light in dark times


    Dear Warrior Soul,

    Do not numb out and bury your head under the blankets just because this is hard.

    We cannot afford to have you half here and half there.

    There is power in the collective.
    Do not try to navigate these times alone. Continue reading…


    The hidden secret about your fear


    Dear Warrior Soul,

    If fear is your unwavering companion, always rearing its head when you want nothing more than its absence, it is not here to harm you but to be your master teacher.

    Do not run or hide or try to kill It.

    It is here to help. Hunt it. Stalk it. Learn from it.

    Follow it stealthily. Continue reading…