Moya Bailey discusses why the mainstream is overrated and creating your own spaces

I love the summer Olympics. Especially Track & Field, Swimming, Diving and GYMNASTICS!

But listening to the commentators, it is glaringly obvious that some athletes, sports and countries get all the shine while others are ignored all together.

I want to know ALL of their stories.

I want to learn about the lesser known atheletes from the least popular countries competing in the no-so-glamorous sports.

What if there was an online space where we could learn ALL of their their triumphant stories, training regimes and family backgrounds?
What if it wasn’t just about the most popular people with fancy atheletic sponsorships?

Enter Moya Bailey

She might not be talking about sports, but as community curator and co-founder of two blazing hot websites, Quirky Black Girls and the Crunk Feminist Collective, her work actively moves marginalized conversations into the mainstream, giving people the opportunity to experience themselves (and each other) in a new light.

In today’s Trailblazer Thursday conversation, we talk about:

  • Why the mainstream is overrated
  • The value of creating your own spaces
  • How to shift your perspective and feed yourself
  • Focusing your energy and affirming your life!


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