Hi beautiful B-School fam!

I’m so thrilled that you’ve made your way here!

As one of the nine beta Desire Map Workshop facilitators, I’ve already run sold-out in-person and virtual Desire Map Workshops. Being part of the Desire Map Workshop since its beginning plus 15 years of workshop facilitation has given me tons of hands-on experience and insider insight about what it takes to create a transformative and successful Desire Map Workshop.

If you sign up to be a glorious Desire Map Licensee through my affiliate link, I will be thrilled and grateful. As a gift of my appreciation, you’ll receive the following:

L'Erin's Desire Map  Licensee  + B-School bonus

Sound good? Fantastic!

Here are the next steps:

1) Clear your computer’s cache. (If you’ve previously visited the Desire Map store through someone else’s affiliate link, their info might be saved in your computer and could override mine.)

(Click here for instructions on clearing your computer’s cache if you’re unsure how.)

2) Purchase your Desire Map Workshop License by clicking here.

3) Send an email to: lerin{at}sisterfire.com to confirm that you’ve purchased your license. We’ll schedule for your coaching calls and get you enrolled in my January 2015 Desire Map virtual workshop.

Easy breezy.

Questions? Let’s chat. Click here to schedule a 15-minute Desire Map Q&A with me.

Looking forward celebrating and supporting you on this amazing journey!

Immeasurable love. Deep gratitude.

Wildly Ignited,