“I want more.”

 You know you were born for a life of purpose, freedom and love.

You’ve been on the “personal development” journey for a while and still don’t feel like you're living up to your potential.

You want to explore your desires, passions and gifts in a powerhouse sisterhood.

You're searching for something to ignite your path and align you with your soul’s calling.

You crave compassionate, loving support, without someone telling you what to do or how to live.


You're ready to reclaim your voice, live your truth and connect with like-hearted soul sisters—but you don't know where to start.


Imagine feeling courageous, confident and crystal clear as you explore your deepest desires. Finding your tribe—a community of women with an insatiable hunger for life—and being supported and celebrated, every step of the way. Imagine letting your heart, your body and your soul’s wisdom lead as you create change and start loving your life NOW—not just when you reach nirvana.

  • If you could transform your life today, would you?
  • If you were given the little-known-secret to living your soul's purpose, would you want it?
  • If you were handed the keys to freedom, would you say yes?
  • If the road map to embracing change and living without regret was right in front of you, would you take it?

You don’t need another self-help book, personality test or astrological reading to change your life.

You need to ignite your deepest desires.

The Desire Map Workshop is a 3-day immersion for entrepreneurs and employees, makers and doers, artists, healers and coaches + women who want more.

More purpose. More play. More adventure.
More money, power and freedom.

On the surface The Desire Map Workshop is about clarifying and achieving your goals.

But really? It’s 3 days of devotion to your deepest desires.

You will reconnect with your core truth and revitalize what matters: Your dreams, your soul, your life.

In 2015, I'm taking the show on the road:
Honolulu, Oakland, NYC, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Berlin, Copenhagen and Amsterdam.

Want to join me? Details are below!

It's a sisterhood, a safe haven, a sanctuary.

It's where you can finally surrender struggle and
align self-with-Soul .

As one attendee put it, “At L'Erin's Desire Map Workshop, people meet as perfect strangers, and depart as ever-evolving soul sisters.”

The Desire Map Workshop with L'Erin is a rite-of-passage for clarifying what you truly want in every area of your life and using that powerful awareness to guide your choices from now on.

It’s been called “deeply meaningful” … “a glorious community of soulful women” … “the first time in my life I experienced surrender” … and “a sacred space to be completely raw and support each other without judgement.”

For me? It is my medicine and my ministry. Not to mention: quite a privilege to lead.

In 2015, I’m taking the show on the road. (All the must-know details are right down below.)

My promise?

  • You will create sacred space — inside and out. Build an altar of shared intentions and collective wisdom.
  • You will surrender old stories & inferno your limiting beliefs.
  • You will explore where in your life you experience freedom — and where you hunger for more.
  • You will uncover your “core desired feelings” {also known as CDFs} – a guidance system for your most soul-aligned, life-fulfilling, decision-making.
  • You will be guided to your most desired feelings in 5 life areas: Lifestyle & Livelihood; Creativity & Learning; Body & Wellness; Relationships & Society; Essence & Spirituality.
  • You will make soul-anchored declarations and birth them into easy, everyday ACTIONS.
Twyla Dill

L’Erin brings ritual and depth to the picture; she brings the sacred.

The Desire Map Workshop with L’Erin is for you if you want to feel, to say no and mean it, to connect and go deep.

L’Erin is a light and gave everyone space to be who they are. She holds you in her arms and her heart and cultivates a circle with no judgment. She is like the Mama, nudging and supporting, asking to go deeper, helping to peel back the layers.

Twyla Dill Twyla Dill Jewelry

The sweet details ::

A full weekend of soul-adventuring and desire discovery with me + about 20 friends.

(We generally start sparking Friday evening, then blaze bright all day Saturday and Sunday.)

Plus :: A Desire Map Workbook, a delicious gourmet lunch Saturday + Sunday, tea, coffee, chocolate, nourishing snacks and other surprise treats.

What you can expect :: As we go soul deep with desire mapping, we’ll nourish ignite inspiration with sacred writing, meditation, movement, art and ceremony.

There will also be plenty of downtime each day to restore, rejuvenate and integrate the journey.

You will connect with your inner wisdom and liberate your most sacred truths.

Investment :: $650

Prepare for breaking open and breaking through.

Ev'Yan Whitney

I would recommend L’Erin to anyone looking to do the Desire Map Workshop. 100 times, YES!

Because she’s awesome. Because she’s a truth-speaker. Because she’s a magical facilitator. Because her ability to guide others into the dark nights of the soul is flawless. Because she radiates warmth & desire.

Because she is a hand of the Goddess.

Ev'Yan Whitney Sex Love Liberation

You should join the sisterhood if...

  • You're want potent clarity and profound fulfillment in every area of your life
  • You crave a community of soul-fueled sisters who 'get' you
  • You've read the Desire Map book and want to go deeper -- live and in-person
  • You ache for a transformative adventure of the soul
  • You dream of participating in The Desire Map Workshop before facilitating it
  • You're ready to dissolve your fears, discover your desires and make your life paradise
Jeanne Pyette

Be open to deep transformative experiences. Wear waterproof mascara.

L’Erin has an amazing, intuitive sense of timing. Her ability to create a vessel that holds the deeper truths is amazing!!!

I recommend the Desire Map Workshop with L’Erin to any woman interested in deep discovery of her inner growth.

Jeanne Pyette


  • q-iconI've read the Desire Map book/been in a book club. How is this different?

    The Desire Map Workshop with L’Erin is an experiential exploration of your deepest desires. It is a sanctuary of sacred writing, meditation, movement, art, dance, ritual, sisterhood and ceremony. The workshop will take you beyond the boundaries of the page and into the heart of what you truly want. This is an experience for those ready to let go of what isn’t working and make their lives paradise.

  • q-iconI already love my life. Will I benefit from this experience?

    The Desire Map Workshop with L’Erin is for women who want more. More purpose. More play. More adventure. More money, power and freedom. If things are already ticking along, fantastic! Together we’ll zero in on why it’s working so you can experience fulfillment in every area of your life.

    One participant shared, “My life before The Desire Map Workshop with L’Erin was beautiful. I had a wonderful business that I loved, time to explore and wonderful friends. Now, my life after is so on fire. I am a Desire Map Facilitator, working on my new website, creating my first retreat, and shining bright.”

  • q-iconI'm in the midst of a major life overhaul and am generally very emotional and a bit scattered. Is this for me?

    Other than curled up on a cozy couch, wrapped in your favorite blanket, devouring the world’s most delicious mint chocolate chip ice cream and vegging out on Sex and The City reruns, The Desire Map Workshop with L’Erin is the best place to be when you’re overhauling your life. This is the perfect moment in your life to align with your deepest desires and create a life you actually love. No one will ask you to be perfect, polished or have it all together. You are more than welcome to show up every day in your pajamas, with all of your scattered and healing bits at the fore.

  • q-iconPublic speaking freaks me out! Will I have to share my innermost feelings in front of strangers?

    The Desire Map Workshop with L’Erin is a safe space and sanctuary for all participants. You will be invited to expand your comfort zone but you will never be forced to do anything you don’t want to do. Promise.

  • q-iconWhat if I get really clear about what I want and have to change my whole life? What if I'm not ready?

    The Desire Map Workshop with L’Erin is a safe, loving, soul-nourishing experience that will lovingly meet you wherever you are. In the workshop, you will get the vital skills, sisterhood and support to help you navigate life in alignment with your deepest desires. No sister will be left behind.

  • q-icon$650 is a lot of money and there are other people facilitating for less. Why should I spend that much with you?

    If your hesitation is price, then right now is probably not the right time for us to work together. For the last 15 years, I’ve facilitated transformational workshops and retreats while studying The Sacred with healers, teachers and mystics all over the world. My experience, intuition and healing gifts are unparalleled. The Desire Map Workshop with L’Erin is an invaluable immersion into your deepest desires. I promise that your life will never be the same again. How much is that worth to you?

  • q-iconWhat if I don't get to the root of why I signed up, and walk away feeling like I could have just stayed at home and read the book?

    If you show up 100% to the experience, you will get everything you signed up for and more. The Desire Map Workshop with L’Erin is a multi-sensory exploration of your desires, in a community of like-souled women, facilitated by a gifted teacher and healer. There is no way you will walk away feeling like you just read a book.

    As one participant shared, “I had Desire Mapped before and was worried that I wouldn’t get anything out of the workshop. I didn’t feel a huge reverence for my CDFs and they were easily forgotten. Now, my CDFS — Luminosity, Ease, Shakti — resonate so deeply in my bones & body. Nearly everything I do throughout the day comes back to those three words. I’ll never forget.”

  • q-iconI haven't read The Desire Map book. Will I still get something out of the workshop?

    Absolutely! The Desire Map Workshop with L’Erin is a stand-alone, immersion experience based on Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map book. Whether or not you’ve read the book, you will get a ton out of the workshop .

  • q-iconDo you have a cancellation or refund policy?

    Yes, my love. I do! See the “Fine Print” section below.

  • q-iconAre there scholarships or sliding scales available?

    There are no scholarships or sliding scales available for The Desire Map Workshop with L’Erin. But, if needed, I’m happy to offer a payment plan. Shoot an email to: ignite{at}sisterfire.com and we’ll get you all set up.

    Also :: There is one Workshop Assistant position available for each city. In exchange for your logistical support during the workshop, your seat is complimentary. If you are interested in being a Workshop Assistant, please email Kesha, SisterFire’s Director of Ease and Flow at: ignite{at}sisterfire.com

Shannon Guild

Three days of Desire Mapping with L’Erin were far more than a workshop. I explored the depths of myself, and helped others to do the same, in a loving, safe, comfortable, and healing environment.

Bring your whole self to this. Love abounds and a more supportive environment is not even conceivable.

Shannon Guild

 The World Tour.

5 countries. 9 cities. Planes, trains & automobiles.

Here’s my tour schedule for the first half of 2015.

Find a city (or country) that suit your fancy.

So excited to meet you, face to face and heart to heart.

The Desire Map Workshop - Level 1 + 2

Seattle, WA

Level 1 : February 13 :: 10 am - 6 pm
Level 2 : February 14 - 15 :: 10 am - 6 pm

Location: Private residence
Registration: Level 1, $350 (Hometown special!) :: Level 2, $400 :: Levels 1 + 2, $650 (save $100!)


:: Details ::

When: 2-6pm Friday, 10am – 6pm Saturday & Sunday
What: A weekend workshop for you, me + 19 new friends

Interested in bringing me to you? Fantastic!
Click here for more info.

Love & Gratitude for my workshops...

Stacey Drimmer

L’Erin is a remarkable human being. Someone used ‘priestess’ to describe her, and I couldn’t agree more.

She embodies a deeply spiritual presence, a gift for intuition and compassion, and an enormous heart for giving. I feel honored to have been led through the course with her at the helm.

Honestly, I can’t imagine having done it with anyone else. 5+ stars all the way.

Stacey Drimmer
Sage Quin

For the first time in my life I experienced surrender.

Before, the Desire Map Workshop with L’Erin, I was desperate for a change. Now, I am learning to be open and at ease and have gentle compassion for myself. Now, I enjoy just being for the first time ever.

L’Erin is a magically beautiful grounded healer and I am following my path.

Sage Quin
Jodi Manley

I never hesitated to share what I was feeling. I knew I was in a sacred space.

Before L’Erin’s Desire Map Workshop, the slightest things would unhinge me, even things that were beyond my control. I felt like I was floating through life with no real destination on the horizon.

L’Erin created an environment so warm, peaceful and safe – like a cocoon. Now, I accept and at peace with things I can’t control. I would definitely recommend her Desire Map Workshop to anyone who needs grounding.”

Jodi Manley
Janette Casolary

Come with an open heart and an open mind. Prepare to be changed.

I was worried that because I’ve already read the Desire Map and hosted a book club, that I may not get much new out of the workshop. Now, my life is so on fire. I’ve felt a huge shift in my confidence, my light and my power.

I’d recommend The Desire Map Workshop with L’Erin to anyone ready for a little transformation. The shifts are huge, but they come with love, ease and tenderness.

Janette Casolary
Lani McKinnon

I would whole-heartedly recommend L’Erin and her services.

There is something about doing The Desire Map in a group of women that was so much more powerful than doing it on my own but L’Erin supercharged the experience with her wisdom, her knowledge and her skills as a healer.

I would recommend her to anyone who feels the need for a spiritual tune-up or has some broken bits that need fixing.

Lani McKinnon
Tracy Greene

L’Erin is an artist and her medium is transformation.

Before the Desire Map workshop with L’Erin, I was in survival mode with a dim memory of what it was like to thrive. Our weekend together gave me access to my desire to thrive.

I trust L’Erin implicitly. I would recommend her workshop to any woman looking to feel better about her life, her work, herself.

Tracy Greene

Hi beautiful, I'm L'Erin

I’m a teacher, writer, healer and the founder of SisterFire.

It breaks my heart to see women working themselves to the bone and struggling to create lives they love.

I know there’s a better way and that’s why I do this work.

For the last 15 years, I’ve been facilitating transformational workshops and retreats while studying The Sacred with healers, teachers and mystics all over the world.

My passion is helping women align their lives with their deepest desires and create paradise along the way.

My CDFs: Free * Radiantly Divine * Light * In Bloom

The Fine Print

Because The Desire Map Workshop is a one-of-a-kind offering that requires extensive, personalized preparation, your seat is non-refundable.

Let signing up be the first step of your initiation in truth and freedom.

Before investing your money, time and energy, take a deep breath and gently ask yourself
:: Is this The Desire Map Workshop with L'Erin my most loving next step? ::

Listen to your body’s wisdom and trust what emerges.

If you get a resounding, YES!!! Brava! I am overjoyed to meet you face-to-face and heart-to-heart.

If now is not the time, no worries. I still love you, immeasurably. There will be plenty of other opportunities for us to play together in the future.


If your plans change after you register and you are no longer able to attend the workshop, you cannot “cancel” and get a refund.

You are welcome to:

1. Switch into a different event, if there is space available.
2. Give or sell your ticket to somebody else.

Bottom line: Showing up to desire dive might be the scariest thing you do all year. Do it anyway. Let us welcome and love and celebrate you exactly as you are. So, be brave. Choose courage. Cross the threshold.

It'll be worth it. I promise.