Design, develop and LIVE your dream in 1 week

You know your CDFs.
You have Goals with Soul.

But you don't know how to live them...when your tired. When you're sick. (When you're sick and tired.)

When you need a crystal clear, compassionate, strategic plan to get you from where you are to where you want to be, with your CDFs and soul in tow.

So, you find yourself slipping back into old patterns, old habits, old ways of being.

When you're angry, or have cramps or get unexpectedly triggered, and feel oceans away from your CDFs, not to mention, no closer to achieving Goals with Soul than you were before the Desire Map.

Introducing Desire to DONE, a supercharged weeklong workshop designed specifically for Desire Map Workshop alumane.

So you can finally live your dreams, once and for all.

Danielle LaPorte - Creator, The Desire Map

L’Erin is a magical creature.

She has life experience and thus, real compassion. With her sense of adventure and her empathy – I am so proud to have her on board as a star Desire Map Workshop leader.

Danielle LaPorte - Creator, The Desire Map Danielle LaPorte Inc.

:: In Desire to DONE you will ::

  • Refresh your CDFS and get crystal clear about what you really, really, really want

  • Create an easily implemented, 100% personalized, CDF-infused action plan

  • Get accountability, encouragement and feedback to finally finish what you start

  • Implement a repeatable roadmap for accomplishing every one of your goals

:: How is this different than the

Desire Map Workshop? ::

:: How it's delivered ::

  • SoulFire™ pre-work

    You receive 5 days of SoulFire™ pre-work to help prime and prepare you for the strategy.

    We’ll be reviewing your CDFs and refreshing your Goals with Soul so that you have crystal clear focus before the course even begins.

  • SoulFire Lessons™

    On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, you will receive a deep lesson & practice focused on one of the 3 SoulFire Strategy tenants — Clarity, Intention, Action.

    Each lesson will contain a workshop, SoulJourney and SoulMap that align with your pre-work, giving you a soul-aligned strategy for accomplishing your goals.

  • Implementaiton immersion and Q+A

    I want you to stop chasing your tail and live your dreams too!

    Instead of just giving you a strategy and wishing you on your way, after implementation and experimentation, you’ll have a live call for feedback, implementation and revisions.

  • :: OPTIONAL :: 1-on-1 support

    Get my completely personalized, unadulterated, uninterrupted 1-on-1 devotion to you and your dreams.

    Together we’ll figure out what’s been keeping you stuck, uncover any hidden traps and get you from dreaming to DOING.

:: How it all breaks down::

:: Investment ::

Hi love, I'm L'Erin!

I'm a Women's Leadership Accelerator, helping soulful, ambitious women harness their gifts and transform the world.

After leading hundreds of women through the Desire Map Workshop in-person and online, I kept being met with the same question -- Now that I know how I want to feel and what I want to do, how do I make it happen?

Creating a simple, soulful strategy for my Desire Map Workshop Alumnae became my guiding mission and I'm so happy to share it with you!