Successful workshops aren't made in a binder.
They're made in your magic.

Whether you're drumming up interest, securing the perfect locale & caterer, or turning attendees into long-term clients, one thing's for sure: the secret to successful workshops?

Is confidence, accountability & crystal-clear strategy.

Danielle LaPorte - Creator, The Desire Map

L’Erin is a magical creature.

She has life experience and thus, real compassion. With her sense of adventure and her empathy – I am so proud to have her on board as a star Desire Map Workshop leader.

Danielle LaPorte - Creator, The Desire Map Danielle LaPorte, Inc.

:: 10 reasons you need a mentor ::

  • 1

    "I've been struggling with the how, when and where for months."

    Together we will create a clear, simple, doable plan that maps out the details for your next (or first) workshop. Then, you'll get the accountability and support needed to make it happen.

  • 2

    "I don't know why my workshops aren't filing."

    We will closely explore what you've been doing and figure out why it isn't working. We will fill in the gaps, strengthen your weaknesses and fill your workshops!

  • 3

    "How do I navigate the shame around desire?"

    We will do a deep-dive into ways you can be firm and flexible as an facilitator, creating a masterplan for navigating challenging subjects, including shame.

  • 4

    "I'm an HSP/introvert/empath and facilitation drains me."

    Me too, love! After 15 years facilitating, I've created a treasure trove of best practices, techniques and strategies that keep me safe, healthy and energized in and after my workshops. Together we will do the same for you.

  • 5

    "I have NO idea how to have a sales conversation without feeling slimy."

    Sales conversations can be fun and easy, when you have the skills, confidence and clarity to make it so. We'll uncover what's secretly making them so hard for you, then create a gentle strategy to move you forward.

  • 6

    "How do I integrate workshops into my current business model?"

    We will find the perfect openings and opportunities in your already established business for introducing current clients to your workshops and bringing in new ones too!

  • 7

    "How do I integrate yoga/dance/bodywork/reiki into my workshops?"

    We will map out the schedule for your workshop (or retreat) and find the perfect places to integrate body movement, creating a powerful, harmonious, fun experience for you and your participants.

  • 8

    "How do I coach this material 1-on-1?"

    We'll map out the ways you want to deliver the material 1-on-1 and create comfortable, fun ways to do it.

  • 9

    "I don't know how to teach without overloading my students."

    We will explore your teaching and facilitation techniques and figure out the best ways to serve your students without overwhelming or stressing either of you.

  • 10

    "I keep canceling workshops because no one is showing up."

    Together we will create a foolproof plan for creating and filling your workshops so that you can finally enjoy the magic of facilitating them!

Introducing Alchemy of Desire :: A CDF-infused mentorship for facilitators who aren't just facilitators--they're change makers. Change makers committed to using their workshops, their businesses and their lives to make the world a better place.

You believe in the work and love sharing it with people but you haven't been able to turn a profit...yet.

You're tired of pouring your blood, sweat and CDFs into something that may never happen. You're at the end of your rope, trying to decide if it's even worth renewing your license next year.

The Alchemy of Desire was created to help you go from hopeful to strategic, from foggy to clear, from empty seats to a full house.

In sum, this mentorship is about making a difference and making money.

:: Together we will ::

  • See your next (or first) workshop through from brainstorming to booking to bringing home the bacon.
  • Create a marketing strategy more irresistible than Hugh Jackman on a hot summer day.
  • Make your sales conversations so easy, natural and intuitive that people start throwing money at you. (Non-violently of course.)
  • Create workshops that feels like talking to old friends, even before the doors open.
  • Ingrate workshops into your current business model so you stand-out brilliantly like the radiant star you are.
  • Make your investment back (and more!).

:: How it's delivered ::

  • 90-min Intake Call

    We’ll hash out what’s working and what isn’t, where you want to take your workshops and what’s needed to get you there. We’ll explore your strengths and challenges, skills and support. We’ll uncover your magic and start mapping out the plan to make it happen.

    After all, we don’t want to design just any workshops. We want to design your workshops. And that requires knowing who you are.

  • 2-45 minute follow-up calls

    This is where the rubber hits the road. You’ll be executing our strategy, getting feedback, making money and a difference in the world.

    We’ll start talking specifics — venue, date, caterers, invitations. Who to talk to and how to get everyone on board.

    We’ll tweak the strategies until we find the perfect rhythm to make you soar.

  • 1-30 min Post-workshop call

    Once the streamers have been strun, breakthroughs have begun and lives have been transformed, we’ll circle back to review the process and see what needs to be shifted for next time.

    What worked and what didn’t?
    What do you want more of?
    What are you going to eliminate?
    How can you be more generous? And more prosperous?

:: Sign-up today! ::

DESIRE MAP LICENSEES :: Investment -- $2000 ::

Revolutionize my Workshops!Desire Map Workshop Licensees

(Space is limited. I only work with 3 Desire Map facilitators per month. Sign up now.)

:: Investment -- $2500 ::

Revolutionize my Workshops!

:: FAQ ::

  • q-iconHow can I be certain that this will turn a firm, transferable profit inducing skills and information?

    You know the adage, nothing is certain except death and taxes? So, while I can’t promise hard numbers, I can promise the business, strategy & marketing support, troubleshooting and accountability that will help you grow your business, fill your workshops and keep people coming back for more.

    Once you know how to do it, you’ll be able to replicate the process again and again…in future workshops and beyond.

  • q-iconHow is mentorship different than your other coaching offerings?

    In Alchemy of Desire, we are 100% focused on making your workshops successful. While everything I do is infused with soul, intention and purpose, this mentorship is about concrete steps, knowledge and accountability.

    If you’re looking for deeper support with healing, transformation and becoming a soul-aligned leader in business and life, click here to work with me.

  • q-iconWill this cover affiliate sales and the tech side of building a website for my workshop?

    Yes, we’ll explore all income-generating opportunities to help support you and your business, including affiliate sales.

    While I’m not a techie, if needed, we’ll figure out the easiest and fastest way to create your website so you can finally get your sales page up and your workshops filled.

  • q-iconWill this be helpful for virtual and in-person workshops?

    Absolutely! The strategy that we will create together will be the framework for both your online and in-person workshops.

:: Unanswered questions? ::
Email me at -

:: Alchemy of Desire is NOT for you if... ::

  • You're in a financial crisis, trying to decide between this and paying your rent.
  • Since you've already invested in licensing, you want an easy solution.
  • You only want to talk to and work with people you already know.
  • You're feeling resentful, frustrated and irritated that you ever invested in the first place.

:: Who am I and why should you care? ::

I'm L'Erin Alta

I’m transformation catalyst, tone-deaf (but impassioned) chanteuse, and international Desire Map Ambassador.

I've spent the last 15 years facilitating amazing workshops and retreats for spiritual seekers.

In the fall of 2014 I was one of one of four women handpicked by Danielle LaPorte to midwife her new baby, Level 1 + 2 Desire Map Workshop, into the world.

Since then, I've facilitated 14 Desire Map Workshops in Seattle, New York, Hawai'i, online and all over Australia. I've mentored new licensees and coached the Desire Map one-on-one.

I've helped women radically evolve their lives in unanticipated and beautiful ways. Now it's time for me to help you.

Additional facilitation creds & certs :: Certified Empowerment Workshop facilitator, Certified Teen Talking Circles Facilitator, Certified HeART of Facilitation facilitator, Certified Forrest Yoga teacher.

:: Love for my workshops ::

Tracy Greene

L’Erin is an artist and her medium is transformation.

Before the Desire Map workshop with L’Erin, I was in survival mode with a dim memory of what it was like to thrive. Our weekend together gave me access to my desire to thrive.

I trust L’Erin implicitly. I would recommend her workshop to any woman looking to feel better about her life, her work, herself.

Tracy Greene
Twyla Dill

L’Erin brings ritual and depth to the picture; she brings the sacred.

The Desire Map Workshop with L’Erin is for you if you want to feel, to say no and mean it, to connect and go deep.

L’Erin is a light and gave everyone space to be who they are. She holds you in her arms and her heart and cultivates a circle with no judgment. She is like the Mama, nudging and supporting, asking to go deeper, helping to peel back the layers.

Twyla Dill Twyla Dill Jewelry
Ev'Yan Whitney

I would recommend L’Erin to anyone looking to do the Desire Map Workshop. 100 times, YES!

Because she’s awesome. Because she’s a truth-speaker. Because she’s a magical facilitator. Because her ability to guide others into the dark nights of the soul is flawless. Because she radiates warmth & desire.

Because she is a hand of the Goddess.

Ev'Yan Whitney Sex Love Liberation
Shannon Guild

Three days of Desire Mapping with L’Erin were far more than a workshop. I explored the depths of myself, and helped others to do the same, in a loving, safe, comfortable, and healing environment.

Bring your whole self to this. Love abounds and a more supportive environment is not even conceivable.

Shannon Guild Paper Moon
Stacey Drimmer

L’Erin is a remarkable human being. Someone used ‘priestess’ to describe her, and I couldn’t agree more.

She embodies a deeply spiritual presence, a gift for intuition and compassion, and an enormous heart for giving. I feel honored to have been led through the course with her at the helm.

Honestly, I can’t imagine having done it with anyone else. 5+ stars all the way.

Stacey Drimmer
Jeanne Pyette

Be open to deep transformative experiences. Wear waterproof mascara.

L’Erin has an amazing, intuitive sense of timing. Her ability to create a vessel that holds the deeper truths is amazing!!!

I recommend the Desire Map Workshop with L’Erin to any woman interested in deep discovery of her inner growth.

Jeanne Pyette
Sage Quin

For the first time in my life I experienced surrender.

Before, the Desire Map Workshop with L’Erin, I was desperate for a change. Now, I am learning to be open and at ease and have gentle compassion for myself. Now, I enjoy just being for the first time ever.

L’Erin is a magically beautiful grounded healer and I am following my path.

Sage Quin
Jodi Manley

I never hesitated to share what I was feeling. I knew I was in a sacred space.

Before L’Erin’s Desire Map Workshop, the slightest things would unhinge me, even things that were beyond my control. I felt like I was floating through life with no real destination on the horizon.

L’Erin created an environment so warm, peaceful and safe – like a cocoon. Now, I accept and at peace with things I can’t control. I would definitely recommend her Desire Map Workshop to anyone who needs grounding.”

Jodi Manley
Jodi Manley

Come with an open heart and an open mind. Prepare to be changed.

I was worried that because I’ve already read the Desire Map and hosted a book club, that I may not get much new out of the workshop. Now, my life is so on fire. I’ve felt a huge shift in my confidence, my light and my power.

I’d recommend The Desire Map Workshop with L’Erin to anyone ready for a little transformation. The shifts are huge, but they come with love, ease and tenderness.

Jodi Manley
Lani Catherine

Come with an open heart and an open mind. Prepare to be changed.

I was worried that because I’ve already read the Desire Map and hosted a book club, that I may not get much new out of the workshop. Now, my life is so on fire. I’ve felt a huge shift in my confidence, my light and my power.

I’d recommend The Desire Map Workshop with L’Erin to anyone ready for a little transformation. The shifts are huge, but they come with love, ease and tenderness.

Lani Catherine

:: Fine Print ::

Because Alchemy of Desire is a one-of-a-kind offering that requires extensive, personalized preparation, your seat is non-refundable.

Because our goal is for you to apply what you've learned and actually create powerful workshops, all sessions must be redeemed within 12 weeks of purchase.