Shelley Chapman on power, sex and food

Today’s Trailblazer Thursdays interview is hot, sexy and mmm mmm good.

As the Food Relationship Coach, Shelley Chapman, says, “Food, sex and money are those things that everybody talks about…but then they don’t.” In today’s interview we talk about creative, inspiring, delicious ways to enhance your relationships between food and sex.

Are you ready for an emotionaly, mentally, physically and spiritually well-fed life?

Enter Shelley Chapman.

In our interview we talk about:

  • Celebrating yourself and your body and helping others do it as well
  • The value of your relationship with food and sex
  • How to break old food cycles and start new, healthy habits

She has overcome her own challenges with compulsive over eating and emotional eating and now helps others reclaim their own relatioinships to food, sex and their bodies.  .


For sweet, sexy meal ideas from Shelley’s cookbook, check out her Tantric Tastes Dessert for Lovers

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