Gala Darling on creating your own validation

A few years ago I was enduring winter in the glorious, magical, freezing cold city of Paris, France. Between frigid January and blossoming spring, I spent a lot of time warming up inside and getting to know inspiring, entrepreneurial women of the interwebs.

Enter Gala Darling.

This radiantly enterprising Kiwi writer, community builder and international playgirl lives in NYC and is the head of her own Radical Self-Love revolution. A spitfire after my own whimsical heart, she love hot pink, transformation and galvanizing women to fall madly, deeply, and truly in love with themselves.

With almost ONE MILLION visits to her site a month, Gala has built a loyal tribe of women clamoring to participate in her Radical Self-Love bootcamp, purchase her Love & Sequins e-book and learn how to be more radically delicious in their own lives.

In our fireside conversation, Gala shares how she unplugged from the cycle of validation that was fueled by her readership so she could more authentically, freely  and powerfully share her voice. This switch has enabled her to be of greater service to her community and create more solice and power in her daily life.

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