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I Want to Tell You a Secret



Prefer to listen? No problem. I’m happy to oblige.

I started SisterFire over 13 years ago as a monthly open-mic on my college campus. Of all the ways I work, facilitating groups of women still brings out my most sacred, transformational magic.

Two weeks ago I phased out my 1-on-1 offerings in order to realign with the soul of SisterFire – powerful, dynamic, miraculous group experiences.

The Wild Woman Primer was born.

A four-week intensive that helps women get unstuck, get clear, create a soulful strategy and make money and time their friends.

Very exciting stuff.

Two weeks after I opened the doors, not only did The Wild Woman Primer sell out, it OVERSOLD!

We launched yesterday with wild women all over the globe including Philly, London, Lansing, Los Angeles, South Africa, Canada and Brooklyn.

Deep gratitude. Bubbling over excitement.

A dream come true.

How did it happen so quickly?

I want to share with you one of my most trusted secrets for making things happen:

 Create the future, now.


Step 1 – Decide what you want

What do you really, really, really want? What have you been dreaming about for forever?

Even if it feels totally out of reach, choose that.


Step 2 – Write a story about what you want, as if it is already happening – with as much detail as you can muster

This as an opportunity to suspend disbelief. Create a story that gets you hot and steamy.


Step 3 – Engage every sensory preceptor (sight, sound, taste, touch, smell)

What does it look like? Smell like? What foods are you eating? What do you hear? What fabrics are touching your skin?

Let the story awaken every part of your mind, body and heart.


Step 4 – Change the entire story into first person, present

Read it out loud to yourself, in front of a mirror if you’re courageous.


Step 5 – Invoke qualities to support and sustain you

How do you want this to feel? What qualities and emotions would you like to experience inside of your story?


Step 6 – Create a groundswell of resources

What currently in your life supports this happening?

What resources do you have access to that could move this forward?

What’s already helping you experience part of this, today?

Everything counts. Acknowledge and celebrate all of the pieces currently in your life.


Step 7 – Take responsibility

What small adjustments can you make to amplify the positive things connected to this story that are already happening?

Start small. Teeny, even.

Every. Single. Thing. Counts.

The most important part of this step is to acknowledge and celebrate when it is happening because everything is bringing you closer to where you want to be.


Step 8 – Trust that it (or something greater) is unfolding

Rest assured that the universe has your back.

Say thank you that it is on its way.


Step 9 – Let. It. Go. and Live your life!

Eat good food, make good love, celebrate, create, have fun.

Deepen your relationship with what you want, trusting that it is already happening.


Some of the things I am currently futuring, now:

  • Abundant support, love, sanctuary and celebration for the women in The Wild Woman Primer
  • An amazing pride of women for the next round of The Primer
  • Time in Hawaii with the Ls before the end of the year
  • A beautiful, warm, coastal, sunny sweethome – brightly lit and smelling slightly of lemongrass

Qualities I’m invoking – Ease. Openness. Expansion. Surrender. Trust. Play. Gratitude. Grace.

Keep me company?

This is an open invitation to share your own futurings and desires and wishes. Feel free to play with the process here if you feel so moved. There’s no right or wrong way, all wishes are welcome here.

Just ask for what you need.

I’ll start – I welcome celebration and open-hearted presence

No advice or reassurances, please.

Deep love. Wild gratitude.

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