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I’m quitting (and other interesting updates)



Dear Warrior Soul,

Maybe you’ve been with SisterFire since before we went online. Maybe you’re new-ish and still getting the lay of the land. Maybe you’re an occasional visitor, just checking-in today for a little inspiration and soul guidance.

Either way, welcome. I’m happy you’re here.

A little backstory — SisterFire was birthed on my college campus in 2001 as a monthly healing circle for women. (Read the inspiredCOACH article here for all of the juicy details —

Over the years it’s evolved into workshops, retreats and one-on-one sessions for ambitious, soul-centered women who want to make a powerful impact on the world.

I’ve been featured in magazines, given speeches to thousands and coached hundreds of women, both online and in-person, in their healing and transformational journeys. As a result, they’ve left horrible jobs, started thriving businesses, ended painful partnerships and found new love, all while connecting more deeply with who they truly are and why they’re on the planet.

While that’s all fine and dandy, it’s become increasingly clear is that…

Something ain’t right.

I’ve spent the last 15 years studying spirituality, healing and transformation with amazing teachers in the US and 23 other countries — including India and Cuba and China and Ghana.

Not only do I apply the teachings to my own life, but I integrate them into every fiber of my work, creating profound and powerful change for my clients.

While my work is deeply sacred, my business itself has started to feel like a too tight, (but well-meaning), scratchy holiday sweater that I could get away with wearing but it’s actually waaaaaaaay too small to actually feel comfortable wearing.

Something is missing. And I know it.

So, I’m stepping back to reevaluate and recreate. To become more powerfully aligned as a business owner, healer and leader. I’m cleaning house, clearing the decks, invoking Kali and burning down the house.

Things are going to start looking very different around here.

Some of the changes will be big and obvious, others will be subtle and nuanced.

I don’t know everything about what’s next, but here’s what I do know:

  • We’re going to be talking about God, devotion, the sacred and everyday miracles. We’ll be exploring the divine feminine, the divine masculine and the sweet space that in-between that holds it all.
  • I’ll be sharing my rituals and ceremonies for healing and liberation. I’ll be telling deeper truths and listening closely to yours.
  • We are going to explore the sacred body and soul-fueled creativity and healing trauma. We will challenge assumptions, destroy distorted mirrors and reclaim the truth.

Because life is too precious and powerful to waste time on stupid stuff like other people’s limitations, expectations and roadmaps.

It’s time to take freedom — yours and mine — to an entirely new level.

This rebirth will not be for everyone. You may find that this is no longer somewhere you want to hang out, and if so, I release you with abundant love and blessings.

But those who hear the call, who have been waiting for a place to be their free, whole, true selves, welcome home.

I am so glad you’re here.

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