Creating What You Really, Really Want in 2012

Over the years I’ve spent New Years Eve in many ways. Meditating in a 10-day silent retreat, praying in sweatlodges, partying at the club, sleeping in my bed and participating in sacred ceremony are some of my favorite.

Regardless of where I am, one of my most valued New Years practices involves being intentional about what I want to happen AFTER the clock strikes midnight.

Although resolutions have their place, they usually don’t inspire me very much. I’m way more interested in being madly, deeply, wildly in love with my life over the long haul.

In this week’s video, I share a super simple, fool-proof way to ensure that I am in alignment, on purpose and creating a life I love every day of the year.

Once you’ve watched the video, leave me a comment below about what you’re intending for 2012.

If you found this useful, please pass this it on to someone you think might benefit.

Let’s set the world on fire in 2012!!

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