Tiona M. discusses filmmaking, legacy building and becoming a medium.


I believe in living your OWN wild legend and scaring the skivvies off those less daring.

This takes courage, vision, tenacity and complete detachment from other people’s (dis)approval.

It means following your intuition, satisfying yourself first, and trusting that you’re creating something beautiful–something that will live on beyond you.

But you cannot live your wild legend without recognizing and honoring your legacy. The ones without whom you and your work would not be possible.

Legacy isn’t just about family — biological or of choice.

Legacy is about the impact you’ll have on people you’ll never meet.

It’s about blazing and bushwhacking a trail, trusting that your work is making way for someone else.

I count myself in the legacy of Joan of Arc, Harriet Tubman, Frida Kahlo–warrior women who used their lives to liberate themselves and others.

I count myself in the legacy of all of my ancestors, known and unknown, without whom I would not be here.

I count myself in the legacy of the agitators, instigators, wild women, medicine makers, griots, town criers, mystics, lookouts, nomads and rabble rousers. Those who moved, mended and made miracles in honor of bringing the world forward.

In today’s Trailblazer Thursday conversation I talk with filmmaker, Tiona McClodden. We discuss her third film, “The Untitled Black Lesbian Elder Project” and the importance of legacy building.

In our conversation we discuss:

  • How her work has become a spiritual process
  • Why she sees herself as a medium
  • The value of immortalizing your elders and ancestors
  • How (and why) she keeps ancestral voices alive

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Want more Tiona? Check out the Black Lesbian Elder Project website — http://ublep.com/

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