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How to Live Your Soul’s Dream



Dear Warrior Soul,


Your dream is not too big, too far away, too much work.

It is perfectly shaped and primed for your soul’s expression.
It does not have to be reasonable or make sense or feel good to anyone but you.

It does not have to make you rich or famous or popular.

But following it will make you more confident and powerful and whole than you’ve ever imagined.
In honoring your soul, you will trust yourself in new ways, learning what it means to be brave.
You will rely on your fortitude in the lean times and your worthiness in the decadent ones.
You will grow into your wildest dream.

Your dream belongs to you, so stop trying to talk yourself out of it.

Surrender your attachment to the product and commit to the process.
It is your responsibility and worthy of your stewardship.

Bringing your dream to the world is your soul’s most noble task.

What’s your soul’s dream?
(Yes, the one you’re scared to admit…even to yourself.)

All my love,

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