Michelle Ward discusses living your uniquity in business and life

While a student at Spelman College, I started SisterFire, an all-women open-mic night. Women shared songs, poetry, prose, insights, prayers, and secrets. We cried, created, consoled and confessed–sometimes until 1 or 2 in the moring.

In those four walls, we created an incubator of creative self-expression, spiritual evolution and revolutionary sisterhood.  Women from all over the city showed up lovingly unadulterated, whole, evolving and wise.

It was amazing.

(So amazing that 11 years later, SisterFire is still going strong at Spelman. But I digress…)

By the time I left college, I knew I’d found my zone of genius — facilitating healing spaces for women.

The question was–how to make SisterFire a career both off- and online?

Enter Michelle Ward.

After years trudging through Microsoft, large and small nonprofits, retail, and other miscellaneous occupations, I began honing my facilitation skills through a diverse array of soul-shifting trainings.

I was now eady to launch SisterFire as a business. It was time for a coach to help make my dreams a reality.

This bundle of creative energy, inspiration, and keen business knowledge helps creatives devise the careers they think they can’t have – or discover what they want in the first place!

She’s fantastic! I’m so glad she was my first coach. By celebrating my vision, nourishing my gifts and helping me zone in even more deeply to my core values, Michelle is like SisterFire’s fairy Godmother.

Not to mention, this fireball of creativity and career is a recent survivor of breast cancer and is rockin’ health, healing and life ownership unlike any other.


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