Wealth: The Second Coming


The wealth I want to create is a baptism, a rebirth, a second coming.

This time last week I was in Philly with Money Evolutionary, Tara Gentile, and a room full of entrepreneurs, artists, and creatives re-visioning our roles in creating the new economy. It was an enriching, inspiring, super fun, catalyzing experience. That woman knows how to shift paradigms, engage a room and build a community!

I want to share with you my most cherished takeaway from that experience but first here’s a little background. Tara defines the new economy as the YOU economy—when you, your values, and your truth are the heart of your offerings to the planet.

This isn’t just for entrepreneurs. Your offerings are your energy, insight, presence and contributions–whether you work for yourself or not.

(If you missed out our in-depth conversation all about the YOU economy last week, check it out here.)

The YOU economy is about creating financial wealth and more. It is about germinating emotional, intellectual, relational, physical, spiritual AND financial abundance.

It ignites what you offer, transforms how you receive and recalibrates the space you take up in the world.

Yet centering yourself in the YOU economy does not mean you are there alone. To whom are you connected and accountable? With whom are you building a legacy?

During last week’s event Tara asked,

How do you make the world richer?
How will you create higher levels of wealth? For whom?

My wealth nucleus includes those I carry with me—my ancestors and those yet to come, contemporaries who will never access the conversations or conveniences that I am privy to.

Wealth isn’t simply about money. It’s also about sustainability, access, self-care, recuperation and community. It’s about building a world that works for everyone.

In building wealth, I consider the individuals and communities for whom I am a voice, a witness, a scout, an ambassador, a spy.

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This got me thinking about what I really, really want for myself, my communities, my clients, the world and…you.

How can I help make you richer?

Now, when I think of wealth, I conspire ways to create win-wins for us all. I germinate strategies to help you increase not only your financial wealth, but also your emotional, spiritual, intellectual and relational prosperity.

How can I make us all richer on all levels?

Empowered capitalism, the ability to be in your power and holistic wealth, begins here. In the heart of how you show up, what you offer, the ways you are enriching your life and those of others.

It begins by knowing that what you want for yourself, your communities, and the world is wealth generating.

As a quick aside — I’m so excited to be cooking up a delicious new offering that does just that. We dive in to being useful, of service, on purpose, in power AND financially abundant. This is the foundation on which true wealth is built.

  • Since building wealth is important to us all, I’d love to know how I can help bring more abundance to your life. In the comments below, please share  one way you’d like to feel richer–in any area of your life.

P.S. If you haven’t picked up a copy of Tara’s genius (and PAY WHAT YOU CAN) Art of Earning e-book all about the YOU economy yet, pick it up here NOWGet ready to be revolutionized.


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