You are here to make magic and evolve your soul.



It is time.
Come to the table. Feast on your life.
Every ounce of you is welcome.

I see you, sister.
Opinionated, otherworldly and unparalleled.
On the planet to be fully self-expressed, radiantly divine and free.

Baptized by wildfire, some of your own ignition.

Fiercely devoted to the evolution of your soul
the expansion of your power
the expression of your love.

You are your ancestor’s dreams come true.

Your heart is full prostration at the altar of your soul.
Life is your devotional practice.

No sleep walking.
No apologizing.
No playing small.

You cannot fail.

But you are terrified of wasting your life.
Of making the wrong decision, taking a bad turn and throwing it all away.

Stop. Stopping.

Where are you muzzled, powerless, afraid to act—
Your tattered, disowned, diminished parts—
Call them home.
The places you stopped trusting your truth—

Your soul is here for a story only your life can tell.

Embody the bandages, ready the medicine.

Welcome to your rebirth.

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