A 3-Month Soul Mentorship for
Women Leaders

Do you wish you could stop pushing for “achievement” and let your Spirit create it instead?

  • Wouldn’t you love if the momentum of ease, flow and feminine energy fueled every aspect of your success?
  • Do you want to unite “doing” + “being,” to honor the divinity that’s already moving through you?
  • Can you imagine trusting your Soul’s guidance to accomplish your goals, instead of dragging yourself across the finish line?

You crave a life of expansion, self-care and impact, without stress or resentment. You love what you do but don’t know how to hold space for yourself and your work, without feeling depleted.

You want to make an impact and charge what you’re worth, without putting other’s needs before your own. You want to take care of yourself, your work and your family with joy, simplicity and ease.

You’ve probably already tried coaching programs that help with your professional development, but lack the deep, soulful, one-on-one attention that you desire.

Trust me, lovie. I understand how unfulfilling it can be to run a business exclusively focused on marketing and metrics and money, while completely ignoring your Soul. In the early years of SisterFire, I too got distracted by flashy tactics and “epic” goals and slick strategies that left my Soul out of the picture. Following other people’s “tried and true” methods burnt me out and kept me from creating the Soul-aligned, Soul-nourishing business that I wanted.

That’s why I created Romancing the Spirit.

This 3-month Soul mentorship is for women leaders who want to stop people pleasing and go-go-going and start serving from their Soul—no resentment or depletion or trampled boundaries required. It’s for women who want a deeper experience of support, strategy and guidance—one that marries the spiritual and the practical to create unparalleled results.

  • Holding space and supporting others without self-depletion, so that you can serve clients and transform lives with sustained and sacred strength.
  • Working from your Soul’s truest gifts, so your business is in alignment with your deepest purpose.
  • Uncovering and honoring your Divine flow and getting things done, so you can achieve your goals and like the attuned, accomplished, alchemist goddess that you are.
  • Intuitive readings to help you better see and interpret your Soul’s messages, so you can honor and trust your inner wisdom in every situation.
  • Soul-aligned, completely custom, actionable homework to apply what you’re learning about your Soul to the “real world” of your business.

Twice a month, you will meet with L’Erin on the phone or Skype for one-on-one calls that nourish your Soul and ignite your inner wisdom. In this sacred space, you will be deeply seen, heard and supported.

You will experience expansion and self-expression—for your business and beyond.

You will explore powerful, provocative, profound questions and gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your work and the people you serve.

Not only will your business transform and evolve — but so will your home, your heart and your happiness.

:: Exclusive bonus ::

Should you need to connect with L’Erin outside of your designated call times to ask a question, process a challenge or just get some encouragement, she will be available by text, just for you. Your conversation can stay on text or you can set up a time to chat on the phone, depending on your mutual availability.

Hi, I'm L'Erin

In my early years of entrepreneurship, I followed other people's formulas and strategies and checklists and ended up with an ill-fitting business that kept missing the mark— both in my pocketbook and my platform.

I spent 15 years studying the Sacred with shamans, teachers and healers all over the world but didn't know how to bring my spiritual knowledge into my business. It wasn't until I married my Spirit with my strategy that everything changed.

I know there's a better way to run a business and that's why I do this work.

Your time is now. Stop hiding in the shadows and start leading with your Soul. You've got this and I've got you. Let's make miracles together.

  • You're an entrepreneur and want to create a business perfect for you. (No matter how long you've been in business.)
  • You're curious, open-minded and excited about what you do.
  • You want to bring all of you to your work, especially your Soul.
  • You enjoy receiving support and guidance as you grow.
  • You're not into homework, accountability or creating real change.
  • You are uncomfortable with the sacred/woo-woo.
  • You like sticking to tried and true methodologies.
  • You don’t really want support in your life or business.
  • You'd rather complain and criticize than take a risk and soar.

Full payment :: $2100 (Payment plans available)

A just-for-you gift

When paying in full, you also receive a personalized, one-of-a-kind SoulMedicine Ceremony with L’Erin.

This completely customized 3-hour ritual is an irreplaceable tool for all teachers, healers, coaches and leaders passionate about igniting true transformation. You will uncover your Soul's sacred archetype (Priestess? Healer? Warrior? Queen?) and align your lineage with your legacy. You will emerge transformed with a renewed sense of clarity, power and purpose.

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Only 3 seats available

If you've already completed Hearth or Mini-Hearth, there is no need to apply.
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Danielle LaPorte

L’Erin is a magical creature with rich empathy, life experience and adventure, and thus, real compassion.

Danielle LaPorte Creator - The Desire Map, Sacred Fire Sessions
Tricia Karp

L’Erin creates a sacred container filled with love and wisdom, and took me to deep, transformative places.

She’s a profoundly gifted wise woman, and I’m filled with gratitude for the time we spent together, and the shifts I walked away with for my life.

If you’re considering working with L’Erin, please dive in. You’ll be so glad you did.

Tricia Karp Speaker, teacher, leader
Ev'Yan Whitney

I would recommend L’Erin to anyone. 100 times, YES!

Because she’s awesome. Because she’s a truth-speaker. Because she’s a magical facilitator. Because her ability to guide others into the dark nights of the soul is flawless. Because she radiates warmth & desire.

Because she is a hand of the Goddess.

Ev'Yan Whitney Sexuality Doula
Jacqueline Rimmer

When I signed up to work with L’Erin, I was in survival mode – moving through tremendous grief, struggling in my business and trying to get out of stuckness.

Now I have the tools to lead myself into a life I’ve designed as opposed to living life by default.

Jacqueline Rimmer Creative Director, brand strategist, marketing maven
Lynn Hord

Working with L’Erin was a game changer.

I had a total mindset shift that helped me move from struggle to flow; from anxiety to acceptance and from fear to faith. It taught me how to be more compassionate with myself, more accepting of my humanity and in the process brought me more peace, faith – and flow.

I would recommend L’Erin to any woman who feels the call to do something more, something bigger. 

Lynn Hord Copywriter, editor, coach

Because Romancing the Spirit is a one-of-a-kind offering that requires extensive, personalized preparation, once you cross the threshold, your seat is non-refundable.

Let signing up be an initiation in truth and freedom. Your time is now.

If you're on the fence, inhale a deep breath and gently ask yourself,
‘What's the most loving & generous thing I can do for myself right now?’

Do that.

Take the risk, bet on yourself, say yes to your own liberation. You'll be glad you did. I promise.

Click the purple tab below or email L'Erin at lerin@sisterfire.com with any questions and she'll be happy to answer!