Stop wasting your time, your energy,

your life.

Dear bright soul,

Are you overwhelmed because the life of your dreams feels out of reach and you don't know how to grab it?

How empty do you feel knowing you're here for something significant, but instead of doing it, you drag yourself out of bed every morning, spend 8 (or 12) hours at a job you can't stand, trying to connect to people you have nothing in common with, hungrily watching the clock as your day crawls on, only to return home exhausted, disappointed and depleted, and no closer to the life you want?

Well, my love, you're here for something bigger and you don't have to suffer anymore.

What would it feel like to wake up clear, confident and completely on purpose?

Imagine starting your day when it feels good for YOU. No blaring alarms, no traffic or trains, no rushing to punch someone else's time clock.

What if, instead of reposting inspirational quotes on Facebook and dreaming about the day that you'll be living them, you actually loved your life?

What would it feel like to have more than enough money in the bank to easily sustain your family, live the life of your dreams and truly be of service?

Imagine being crystal clear about your purpose, your power and your plan to make it happen.

:: In the Sacred Fire Sessions we will ::

  • Get crystal clear about what you really, really, really want
  • Create an easily implemented, 100% personalized action plan for living your dreams
  • Listen to, understand and follow your innate wisdom and intuition
  • Dissolve the fears and limiting beliefs that keep you feeling trapped
  • Design simple daily rituals and sacred practices for your deep healing and sustained success
  • Create aligned, meaningful, fulfilling ways to make more than enough money

:: What will you receive? ::

  • Clear, loving, compassionate, one-on-one mentorship
  • A custom strategy for living your deepest desires
  • Easy, custom, daily practices to support your soul’s calling
  • Unrelenting support, celebration, guidance and accountability every step of the way
  • Breakthroughs. Ah-ahs. Life-changing revelations. A way out. A way home.

:: How it's delivered ::

60 Minute Intake Immersion

A deeper level of soul intimacy. Together we'll clarify what's not working and what is. Where you're stuck and where you want to be.

Then we'll map out the path forward, illuminated by your gifts, desires and your heart's truest calling.

45 minute Connection Calls -- Three sessions

You & me in unparalleled soul sanctuary. Each call begins with a one-of-a-kind meditation created just for you.

Followed by :: Questions & answers. Insight & intuition. Strategy & Soul.

Mastermining your life for truth, wisdom, tools and the road home.

20 minute Surge Session(s) -- Once or twice a month

For when you need a reassuring word. A listening ear. A sounding board.

For when you're tired of explaining yourself and just want to talk to someone who understands.

For when you need reassurance that it can be done. That you're not crazy. That it might be hard but you're on the right track.

I'm standing at the ready. (Just send me a text message and we'll hop on the phone. Seriously. I've got your back.)

Lynn Hord

Working with L’Erin was a game changer.

I had a total mindset shift that helped me move from struggle to flow; from anxiety to acceptance and from fear to faith. It taught me how to be more compassionate with myself, more accepting of my humanity and in the process brought me more peace, faith – and flow.

I would recommend L’Erin to any woman who feels the call to do something more, something bigger. 

Lynn Hord Copywriter, editor, coach

:: Ready to change your life?
You don't have to do it alone ::

:: Investment - $1000 ::

Click here to live your truth.

(Space is limited. I only work with 4 Sacred Fire sisters per month. Grab your seat now.)

:: Frequently Asked Questions ::

  • q-iconWhat will we cover?

    We will cover whatever your heart desires.

    Sacred Fire Sessions is an unparalleled, highly personalized, one-on-one adventure of the soul. During our time together, I am in full devotion of you, your vision and your greatness. Nothing is too small or too big.

    :: Areas we can cover ::

    • Create a thriving, soulful one-of-a-kind business.
    • Uncovering and living your life purpose.
    • Creating a unique spiritual practice that nourishes and supports you.
    • Building a love relationship that actually feels good.
    • Preparing your mind, body and heart for motherhood.
    • Dissolving your blocks and living in your full power.
    • So much more!


  • q-iconHow does it work?

    As soon as you sign up, your journey begins.

    You will receive a welcome message with all of the information for our next steps together including an extensive pre-immersion inquiry, links to schedule our sessions, and my phone number for your Sanctuary Sessions. You will be seen, supported and loved on every step of the way.

  • q-iconHow is this different than other life coaching?

    Sacred Fire Sessions is having me in your back pocket as a guide, teacher, accountability partner and cheerleader. You have access to my heart, brain, practices and mobile phone in a way I’ve never made available before.

    Together we create the curriculum for your most powerful transformation, healing and success.

    It’s one-on-one coaching plus SO much more.

  • q-iconWhat's your return policy?

    Because this is a highly personalized, completely customized experience, your investment is non-refundable.

:: Ready to come home to yourself? ::

:: Investment - $1000 ::

Click here to cross the threshold

(Space is limited. I only work with 4 Sacred Fire sisters per month. Grab your seat now.)

Hi, beautiful. I'm L'Erin Alta

I’m a spiritual guide, tone-deaf (but impassioned) chanteuse, and transformation catalyst.

I want to live in a world where purpose is prosperous, power is authentic and people are fueled by their soul's fire.

I hold a bevy of spiritual trainings, business certifications and life experiences that have helped hundreds of women connect their power, purpose and create lives they love.

But, more importantly…I see you and I know what you’re capable of. I believe in you. I already love and support you.

Your dream is worth living and I’m here to help.

:: Curious if we're a match made in heaven? ::

:: Client Love ::

Tatiana Zamir

I loved everything about working with L’Erin.

She is full of magic, intuition and nurturing wisdom.

Tatiana Zamir Dancer, choreographer, healer
Jacqueline Rimmer

When I signed up to work with L’Erin, I was in survival mode – moving through tremendous grief, struggling in my business and trying to get out of stuckness.

Now I have the tools to lead myself into a life I’ve designed as opposed to living life by default.

Jacqueline Rimmer Creative Director, brand strategist, marketing maven
Debbie Novitsky

Before working with L’Erin, I had been reading books and blogs and watching TV and videos for inspiration and help.

Her energy is so welcoming, supportive and encouraging! L’Erin is an excellent listener and offered really helpful tools around my issues.

Now, I’m doing the real work that makes my life better.

Debbie Novitsky Pleasure huntress, Change angent
Natalie Sablon

L’Erin is a genius at helping me cut the fat out of my issues and get to their true source. I identified the unconscious patterns that were limiting my personal power and have become gentler with myself, especially in stressful situations.

I would recommend L’Erin to women who would like to get back on track with the softer side of life – women who want to remember that they don’t have to struggle to be successful, that work can be fun and meaningful and still rewarding.

Natalie Sablon Nurse, healer, herbalist

:: Ready to change your life? ::

:: Investment - $1000 ::

Now is your time. Click here to say YES.

(Space is limited. I only work with 4 Sacred Fire sisters per month. Grab your seat now.)

:: Do NOT invest in this if ::

  • Your parents, partner or past are to blame for your unhappiness.
  • You want to stay in your comfort zone.
  • You want solutions without sweat.
  • You're unwilling to move mountains for your joy.
  • You aren't ready to be happy and fulfilled.

:: Fine Print ::

Because Sacred Fire Sessions is a one-of-a-kind offering that requires extensive, personalized preparation, your seat is non-refundable.

All sessions must be redeemed within 8 weeks from purchase.