Dear Warrior Soul,

Thank you for your interest in Soul Immersion! I'm so glad you're here.

I see you.

Not too long ago, your world shattered and you repaired it – brick by brick, tear by tear.

Now you know what you want and you've decided to live your truest vision, the life you’re destined for.

It can be a tender thing, creating a life of truth and sovereignty and self-leadership by yourself – especially when you've made a beautiful and brave decision.

Leaving your career after 15+ years, selling the business you birthed & built brick-by-brick, letting go of your motherhood dreams after countless IVF treatments, finally closing the door on your "happily ever after," telling your family the gender(s) you actually love, saying YES to the once-in-a-lifetime invitation that still feels too good to be true…

Your decision to stay wasn't business as usual.

It was different than every choice you've ever made.

It was your soul's vision speaking to you, calling you forward.
It was your most certain yes, rooted in truth and power.
It was the commitment that changed everything.

Instead of doing what you were "supposed" to do, you unshackled from other’s expectations and made a decision from your deepest, most soul-centered knowing.

So...Now what?

I'm L'Erin Alta - Soul guide, shadow diver, spiritual teacher.

When my world shattered, I didn’t need magic mantras, miracle promises or designer mala beads. I needed a warrior’s way through the grief, anger, sadness, so I could become both stronger and softer, more powerful and closer to my soul.

I traveled to 23 countries, sitting with Sherpas and shamans, ministers and medicine wo/men. I went to altars and ancestors, ceremonies and cathedrals, rituals and rites in search of the answers to my deepest questions.

I reconnected to my soul power, charting a healing road that honored not only the light, but the shadows too. One that reconnected me to my soul + healed me whole.

That's what I'm here to help you do too.

Welcome to Soul Immersion.

Soul Immersion is an in-person, one-on-one, 3-day sanctuary for the woman creating new life.

It’s a way to move forward from intuition, not just intellect, and live in power, integrity and truth.

It is a sacred container of soul connection, exploration, play, writing, movement, relaxation, and love. (Always love.)

You quest in Soul Immersion so that you can:

Because you don’t have to cross the threshold alone.

We travel the road together.

I offer you sacred practices, deep inquiry, soulful brainstorming, hard questions and tender, radical acceptance to help you create your life from the center of your soul.

Your 3 days of Soul Immersion include:

Your investment is $5,000*.

This is the prelaunch price. Once the new website launches, Soul Immersion will increase by at least $1,000. To secure your space at the prelaunch price, your Soul Immersion weekend must start before Friday, September 29th.



**If this sounds like you, I lovingly encourage you to make your healing first priority. Then we can embark on this powerfully transformational journey together.

If Soul Immersion is for you and you’re feeling called to make soul-powered decisions,
let’s talk.

Keep in mind:

Soul Immersion isn't a cookie cutter, formulaic experience.

Your one-of-a-kind weekend is a couture journey based on your personal dreams, desires, challenges and strengths.

It’s a custom, bespoke, just-for-you weekend, created specifically to help you live from your deepest truths.

  • Where's the payment button, you ask?

    Your Soul Immersion journey begins with a free 30-minute exploratory phone call.
    You will be asked important, revelatory questions, we’ll get to know each other better, and you can ask me anything about the Soul Immersion experience.

    Within 72 hours of our call, you’ll receive a custom Soul Immersion invitation, mapping out how your personal 3-day journey will unfold.

    You’ll review it and let your soul answer. If your answer is yes, then you can buy.

    That’s why there’s no payment button here.

Looking forward to talking with you soon!

All my love,

P.S. — Spaces are first come, first served and there are only 5 3 left. If you want one, I'd encourage you to schedule your exploratory call as possible.

P.P.S. — Once your Soul Immersion weekend is scheduled, should your availability change, you can submit a request to reschedule up to 30 days prior to your scheduled weekend. But once you make a payment, there are no refunds. (No exceptions.)

If you need flexibility for possible last minute cancellations, this is not the offer for you.

P.P.P.S. — I am not a life coach, therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist. I am a healing practitioner trained in many spiritual, physical and energetic modalities. Soul Immersion is designed to give you powerful, personal, life-changing results in just 3 days.

If you need longer-term life coaching or clinical, medical or psychological support, anchor there first and allow Soul Immersion to be a potent supplement.

*If needed, there is a payment plan available — half now, half 30 days before your Soul Immersion weekend begins.