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The good girl must die

{R}evolution: Disruption of the sufficient as you create the miraculous.

You are here to:

  • Evolve the planet
  • Live your truth
  • Expand on the legacy of those who came before you
  • Blaze a trail for those behind you
  • Be a powerful expression of possibility
  • Lead your own {r}evolution

You are NOT here to:

  • Hand hold the unindoctrinated
  • Prove your worthiness
  • People please your way into acceptance
  • Be nice instead of knowing
  • Ask permission to shine
  • Make sure everyone else is okay before you are

The good girl must die.

  • She tows the line, maintains status quo, ensures the masses are happy.
  • She says and wears and does all the “right” things.
  • She does not offend anyone with strong opinions, garish colors or the truth.

She is NOT equipped to lead your {r}evolution. 

You cannot create miracles if you’re hoping for approval and fearing rejection.
You will not evolve the planet by following someone else’s expectations and desires.

You are here to set the world on fire.

Letting the good girl die means feeling the tension between who you were taught to be and who you actually are and being yourself anyway.

Letting her die risks imperfection and rejection for the sake of fulfillment and authenticity.

If you’ve been taught to get ahead by keeping your eyes down and your nose clean; that playing by someone else’s rules will reward you; that being one of many is more important than being yourself; that those who step out of line are risking success for everyone else–letting her die will not be easy.

If other people’s hopes, dreams and expectations are pinned on how well you keep in step, letting her die will feel risky, unpredictable, unsafe.

Do it anyway.

Yes, people will be dissapointed. They’ll get over it.

No, they might not know what to do with you. They’ll figure it out. 

Letting the good girl die is the first rite of initiation in leading your own {r}evolution.

Pay attention to the smallest whisper of your truth, even if it’s contradictory to what you’ve been taught.

Follow that truth, even if it feels like you’re betraying your parents, your children, your partner or your community and make ways for miracles that will transform the entire planet.

THIS is what you’re here for.

All my love,

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