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They’ve got it all wrong. (The real truth about you.)


Dear Warrior Soul,

You are not your job. You are not your degrees. You are not your marital status.

You are not your car (or your bus pass).

You are not the fullness of your schedule.

You are not your family role.

You are not your astrological sign.

You are not your bank account balance.

You are not your desires or disappointments.

You are not your spiritual beliefs or devotional practices.

You are not your skin or bones or flesh.

You are not your gender or the gender(s) you love.

You are not the number of people you know (or who know you).

You are not your trauma, struggles or the burdens you carry.

You are not your accomplishments or failures.

You are not your past or your future.

You are infinitely sacred.
Born holy and divine and beautiful.
Perfect in your imperfections.

Stop trying to “fix” something that is not broken.

Stop trying to explain something that is inexplicable.

You are enough. And good. And right. And innocent.

Now, go.

Give your gifts. Tell your truth. Trust your path.

Let your you-ness be a light for the world.

We need you.


All my love,

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