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You Don’t Have to Die. (A sermon on living.)


Dear Warrior Soul,

You’ve heard the story before. A lady wakes from a near death experience only to realize her life as a high-brow lawyer is no longer satisfying. Her brush with death galvanizes her into becoming the energy worker/world traveler/novel writer that she’d always dreamed of being.

Sure, her income changed.

Yeah, some people thought she was “wasting” her education/status/life.

Was she finally happy and fulfilled? You know it.

Is that all that counts? Bet your bottom dollar.

Although her fancy pants education, partnership in a reputable law firm, big bucks salary, and house in the “right” neighborhood looked good from the outside, they weren’t feeding her soul.

She was chasing markers of external validation and continually finding herself spiritually bankrupt.

She wanted more.

She’d been craving a richer, deeper and more sou-powered existence for as long as she could remember but it wasn’t until she almost died that she decided to do something about it.

Now she’s happiest person she knows.

But you already know this story.

So why are you still trying to find happiness out there and hoping for an internal breakthrough?

  • What’s it really going to take for you to lay down all that stuff about who you’re “supposed” to be and what you’re “supposed” to do and just do what you really want?
  • What do you need in order to care less about acceptance, validation and approval than you do about following your own truth?
  • Under what circumstances will you be able to break free?
  • When are you going to give that to yourself?

Don’t let a brush with your own mortality be your only wake up call.

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You can wake up on your own.

These aren’t theoretical questions, my dear. This is serious business.

The answers to these questions are what’s keeping you from risking uncertainty for the reward of true happiness.

What is it going to take and are you willing to give it to yourself?

The only moment we have is now.
That “someday” you’re waiting for is today.

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You know it’s time.

You know you deserve it.

All my love,

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