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When Freedom Isn’t Enough

The desire of gold is not for gold. It is for the means of freedom and benefit.
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Why would someone with Microsoft on their resume want to work here? Doing this?” she asked, peering curiously over her gold rimmed glasses.

I coulda said:

But the truth is, I want freedom.

(Yes, I understand that since florescent lights are nauseating, cubicles make my skin crawl and my version of business casual is always funkier than what people are accustomed to, taking this job might seem a little counter-intuitive and anti-freedom.)

To most my life already looks mighty free—I wake up whenever my body (or dog) dictates.

I meditate and make green juice and write and read and coach clients and watch bad reality tv and return emails and take walks in the sunshine all according to my own schedule.

I am living an entrepreneurial dream.

But my dream of freedom includes all that AND:

  • Crafting my days according to what is fun, spiritually nourishing and financially rewarding.
  • Exploring new places, making new friends and traversing our beautiful planet whenever the spirit moves me.
  • Navigating SisterFire as my magnum opus, my mountain top, the vehicle through which I make magic and miracles irresistible.

Cultivating my own brand of freedom ain’t cheap. It ain’t easy. And it sho nuf ain’t for the faint of heart.

It requires unrelenting faith and the willingness to do what needs to be done so SisterFire and I both reach our highest potentials.

This means investing a pretty penny in brilliant coaches, illuminating business trainings and learning how to create an e-course that is going to BLOW YOUR FRIKKEN MIND (details coming soon!).

This means transcribing interviews about telephone services because it gives me the freedom (and cashola) to focus on what really matters.

Cultivating freedom requires funding SisterFire until SisterFire is able to fund me.

Hence the job, the cubicle, the florescent lights.

Sometimes the best investment in your magnitude requires being uncomfortable enough to create what’s really going to serve you–even if it’s different than what you’d initially planned.

It is an undercover saving grace, an incognito sigh of relief, a covert experience in (ad)venture capitalism.

All my love,

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