You aren’t stuck.



Spinning your wheels.

…or even "trying to figure it out".

You’re a wild soul ready for transformation.


Whether you’re charting your soul's purpose, turning your passion into a business or trying to find your calling,
one thing’s for sure...

The secret to an extraordinary life is being in charge of your choices.

Sure, you have a note-worthy degree or two under your belt.
Your resume impresses everyone in the building.
Your mom still brags about your job to her friends.
But there’s just one little problem:

Your life doesn't feel like your own.

No is the time to change how you feel about your life, your purpose, your power.

Introducing Wild Woman Finishing School

A five-week course to help you:

  • Create success on your own terms
  • Make soul-centered contributions to the planet
  • Be proud of the life your building
  • Make life your greatest masterpiece

This is about arrival.

Arrival to a life fueled by your greatest gifts. Arrival to a future shaped by your deepest desires. Arrival to a world where every part of you is seen and celebrated. Arrival to the life you deserve to be living.

And that life?

Isn’t about your job title. Isn’t about your other people’s expectations. Isn’t about just embracing your dreams on nights and weekends.

It’s about living them right here, right now.

Because today’s life? May not feel like it belongs to you.

And that’s where I come in.

I'm L'Erin Alta. I help wild women become more powerful, confident, free.

I help women like you:

  • Uncover and live from your greatest gifts
  • Eliminate the hidden roadblocks that are keeping you stuck
  • Feel proud of the woman you’ve become (you’re so much more than your résumé)
  • Make peace with the past and rise fully into your power
  • Confidently ask for (and graciously receive) what you really want
  • Indulge your deepest desires without one thimble of guilt
  • Get taken seriously by your family and your friends—even if they’re following more “traditional” life paths
  • And most importantly, feel the peace and satisfaction that comes with doing what you’re made to do, when you love to do it and creating this thing called life your own way

After Wild Woman Finishing School you'll feel like the most powerful, confident, soul-fueled version of yourself, top to bottom, inside and out.

You'll be primed for a life of play, adventure, connection and freedom.

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Course Outline:

Week 1 - Earth: Rooted Soul

EARTH - Clear your soul's foundation and remove the beliefs, practices and habits that are keeping you stuck.

Week 2 - Water: Sacred Flow

WATER - Connect to and strengthen your sexuality, sensuality and the sacred flow of your power.

Week 3 - Fire: Life Force

FIRE - Uncover your life purpose so you can live it every, single day.

Week 4 - Air: True Voice

AIR - Unveil and strengthen your true voice. Lovingly ask for and receive your deepest desires.

Week 5 - Spirit: Wild Wisdom

SPIRIT - Trust your truth. Learn the secret to true freedom and creating an extraordinary life.

Transformative Experiences:

  • A clear understanding of what you’re on the planet to do – so you can start doing it immediately
  • A soul-centered, one-of-a-kind strategy to get you where you want to go – no more overwhelm, second-guessing or following someone else’s system. (Don’t worry, I will not tell you it’s just about saving money, picking a departure date then holding your breath until freedom comes.)
  • The confidence and courage to do whatever makes you happy – because the perfect moment to start building a life you’re proud of is now
  • A powerhouse community of sisters as committed to your success as they are to their own – because creating your extraordinary life requires being seen, celebrated and supported by people who get you and your journey

Join the waiting list and get ready to feel wildly proud of your life.

This beta class has a cap of 12 people, which means you’ll get A TON of personal attention (and it’ll sell out quickly).

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How the course is delivered:

  • - An email on Monday with the week’s video lesson and lesson book
  • - Bite-sized emails on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with actionable adventures that help you build your confidence, grow your courage and get real results in real time
  • - Live Q&A calls on Friday to answer all of your questions and chance to win freedom-inducing PRIZES!

Meet Your Headmistress L'Erin

  • Wrote and published first book at 18 years old
  • Dropped out of college (twice) to traverse India, Nepal, Thailand
  • Worked everywhere from Microsoft to MAC to non-profit management
  • Studied with global healers, shamans and teachers (including the Dalai Lama)
  • Survived a Himalayan avalanche
  • Traveled solo (and secretly) to an embargoed Caribbean Island knowing no one and not speaking a lick of Spanish
  • Had a sleepover on the Great Wall of China
  • Helps wild souls and rebel goddesses create freedom, make money and live extraordinary lives

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I stand 100% behind everything I create. If you complete & submit all of your homework, show up & participate in every live call, give 100% in our one-on-one coaching session and your life is the same as it was when you started.

I will give you back TWICE what you paid.

That's how strongly I believe in this work.