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Work as a Devotional Practice



Dear Warrior Soul,

Whether I’m writing, speaking or working intimately with clients, my work is my devotional practice.

I prepare for it with intention, love and surrender to the universe. It is an opportunity for me to be of service to my clients, my community and the planet at large.

Before I write or create or have a session with a client…

I pray.

Use me. Let my ego get out of the way. Allow me to be a vessel of truth & love, speaking words that wake up her heart. Let me hear what she doesn’t yet know how to express. Let me remember what she has forgotten.

An hour before…

Clear the space –

Light the candles. Open the windows. Burn the sage. Welcome in fresh light and new air. Clear my energy. Ground in my body. Root in breath, communion, connection.

Create Silence. Stillness. Sanctuary.


Thirty minutes before…

Invocation –

Holding her name in my mouth like a litany, I begin. Calling in the ancestors — mine & hers. Whoever needs to speak, let your wisdom be known. May guidance & love be the foundation of our time together. May all forces of the universe align in support of her greatness.

I invoke the elements:
Rose quartz for Earth
Tibetan bells for Air
White candles for Fire
A bubbling fountain for Water

In the name of all that is Holy, thank you for conspiring for alignment and miracles and transformation.

Light my favorite frankincense and myrrh incense. Ignite the sacred fire.

Moments before…

Glass pitcher full of lemon water on my desk.

Deep breaths. Racing heart. Slightly sweaty palms.

Even with years of experience and profoundly satisfied clients, sometimes I still ask, Can I really do this?

“Use me,” I remember. “Let me be of service.”

A deep breath into surrender.


In session…

Like the woosh! of a time warp, we’re off!

Into a sacred dance of which I am not in the lead. Spirit moves through me. I am a willing and open dance partner.

This is her time to be fully seen, heard, known, loved. Without obligation, duty or expectation. It is her time to connect with her deepest desires. Time to remember her power, strengthen her voice and clarify her purpose.

I witness, ask questions, listen deeply. Trusting my intuition, I hold her dreams, insecurities and uncertainties with mama bear protection.

We heal. We celebrate. Sometimes there are tears. Always, there is laughter.

Clarity, breakthroughs and transformations happen.

With each conversation, more freedom, more liberation.


After the session…

Sometimes I dance. Sometimes I sing. Sometimes I lie on the floor, ablaze with gratitude.

I am exactly where I’m supposed to be, doing exactly what I’m supposed to be doing.

This is what I’m here for.

People call me a healer, but I’m not. I’m a listener, a guide, a catalyst. I accelerate cosmic transformation.

I am supported and sustained by this vibrant and vital universe. I am not doing this by myself.

The women I work with already have the wisdom, insight and power. I simply help them uncover it.


All my love,

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