Beloved sister,

Your purpose isn’t your job, daily duties or long term goals.
It’s your soul’s compass.


Whether you’re vlogging about Yucatán Peninsula bicycle adventures, running a snugly six-figured jewelry design firm or writing the world's best vegan, gluten- and sugar-free pie cookbook, one thing’s for sure: The secret to true fulfillment?

Is living your soul’s purpose.

Are you:

  • Terrified that you’re wasting your life?
  • Feeling wiped out and totally disconnected from your true purpose?
  • Settling for jobs that make ends meet but don’t make you happy?
  • Always feeling like you’re living the wrong life?
  • Concerned that you should be doing something different but unsure of exactly what?
  • Procrastinating when it comes to the things you care most about?
  • Afraid that you’ll never have the life you want?

Your Soul Purpose is a 3-week, 1-on-1 immersion that will revitalize what really matters: your life, your soul, your purpose.


By the end of the immersion, you will:

  • Know and understand your soul’s purpose
  • Hear and trust your inner wisdom
  • Have a simple, uncomplicated plan for creating the life you want
  • Feel confident in yourself, your life and your mission
  • Be a comfortable, courageous decision maker (no more second guessing!)
  • Weed out distracting obligations and unnecessary responsibilities
  • Have more than enough time, energy and resources to do exactly what you’re here to do
Lynn Hord :: Copywriter, editor & coach

Working with L’Erin is a game changer.

I had a total mindset shift that helped me move from struggle to flow; from anxiety to acceptance and from fear to faith.

Lynn Hord :: Copywriter, editor & coach Writing Angel

Why this experience is life changing:

Your Soul Purpose is a 3-week immersion based in soul-centered, feminine wisdom. In it, you will reconnect with your core truth and revitalize what matters: your life, your soul, your purpose.

This journey answers the sacred call to know yourself and your divine place on the planet. It is an initiation in truth, meaning and service.

On it you will be asked questions that only you can answer—questions requiring courage, openness and the willingness to bravely explore your hidden truths.

Your Soul Purpose is about kindling your soul’s deepest flame with fierce curiosity, love and compassion.

I work exclusively with women who are unapologetically devoted to their own awakening, liberation and transformation. You don’t need all of the answers but you must be committed to exploring the questions.

What would your life be like, one year from now, if you were living your soul's purpose every single day?


Who would you become?


What impact would you have on the planet?

Sign up now and revitalize your life. Your soul. Your purpose.

There are 10 spaces available at the intro price. Make sure one is yours.

Your Soul Purpose is for you if:

It is not for you if:

Hi beautiful woman, I'm L'Erin.

I'm a teacher, writer, healer and the founder of SisterFire.

It breaks my heart to see women chasing dreams they don't care about and struggling to live their soul's calling.

I know there's a better way and that's why I do this work.

I've been studying the wild divine feminine with traditional and indigenous healers, teachers and practitioners for the last 15 years. My passion is helping women align their lives with their soul's calling and create paradise along the way.

My promises to you:

I am your sister, your mentor, your teacher, your friend.

I have your back every step of the journey.

I listen deeply and hold your truths sacred with non-judgmental compassion.

I am fiercely devoted to your healing, your wholeness and your empowered transformation.

Together we uncover your soul’s purpose and create a simple, easy plan for you to live it every, single day.

Here’s how it works:


We journey together for three weeks, with each week focusing on a different aspect of your soul’s purpose.

Every Monday, you’ll receive the week’s materials. This will include an audio recording of the lesson as well as vital practices, tools and resources to support its integration.

Once a week, we’ll meet on the phone (or Skype if you prefer) for a 1-on-1 mentorship call to expand on the lesson and answer any of your questions.

At the end of each call, you’ll receive personalized homework including self-reflection assignments, creativity practices and soul centered meditations to connect more deeply to your inner wisdom and soul’s purpose.

Natalie Sablon :: Nurse, healer, herbalist

L’Erin is a genius at helping me cut the fat out of my issues and get to their true source.

I would recommend her to women who would like to get back on track with the softer side of life – women who want to remember that they don’t have to struggle to be successful, that work can be fun and meaningful and still rewarding.

Natalie Sablon :: Nurse, healer, herbalist

Sign up now and revitalize your life. Your soul. Your purpose.

There are 10 spaces available at the intro price. Make sure one is yours.

SisterFire Love

Jacqueline Rimmer :: Creative Director, brand strategist, marketing maven

When I started working with L’Erin, I was in survival mode – moving through tremendous grief, struggling in my business and trying to get out of stuckness.

Now I have the tools to lead myself into a life I’ve designed as opposed to living life by default.

Jacqueline Rimmer :: Creative Director, brand strategist, marketing maven JCR Studios
Tatiana Zamir

I loved everything about working with L’Erin.

She is full of magic, intuition and nurturing wisdom.

Tatiana Zamir Tatiana Zamir
Debbie Novitsky :: Pleasure Huntress, Change Agent

L’Erin’s energy is so welcoming, supportive and encouraging! She is an excellent listener and offered really helpful tools around my issues.

Debbie Novitsky :: Pleasure Huntress, Change Agent

Still not sure if we’re a match made in heaven?

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Other Questions?

Email me at: lerin {at} and I’ll be happy to answer!

Our 1-on-1 work together is a unique sanctuary created just for YOU.

Before we even get on the phone, I've done extensive preparation to create the most powerful sacred space for your journey. (Read all about my process here.)

Due to the highly personalized structure of your experience, I don't offer refunds. So, before signing up, say a prayer, light a candle, chant your favorite mantra and check-in with yourself to confirm that now is the time to live your soul's calling.

And if you realize this isn't the program for you, no worries. There will be other opportunities for us to create beauty together. I promise.